"The last two albums we've made in my basement in Virginia, but now that everyone lives in California we decided to move the basement studio out to California and build a headquaters of our own." - Dave Grohl

equipment storage equipment storage Surfboards given to the band by the Australian record company & part of the set of the 'Best Of You' video equipment storage equipment storage
"Before it was built, Dave was saying, 'Yeah, we can store the gear there, we can rehearse there, make the albums there, we can do press there, photo shoots... blah blah blah' and it's really actually turned into that. It is the all-pupose Foo Fighter hub." - Chris

the games room A toy version of Motley Crue's drumkit sits above the mixing desk Creem Magazine
"It used to be fun but it's become a serious thing here in the studio now. I can't have fun with ping pong anymore. It's become an obsession. It might as well be fencing or something. It's horrible." - Dave Grohl

the lounge more t-shirt cushions
Dave's Mom made the cushions from his old concert t-shirts

"It's just shit you wouldn't want in your house. Wht you're supposed to notice is the photos in between the plaques; Johnny Cash, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, David Bowie, fucking David Lee Roth!" - Dave