Zane Lowe
January 2004

Dave Grohl Hey everybody, you're listening to Zane Lowe live from the Bowery Ballroom. Tonight; live music from The Killers, The Stills, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, plus special guests the Beastie Boys and, yes it's true, the one, the only, Dave Grohl. Thank You.

50 Cent plays

setting up @ the Bowery DG Puma! Reebok!
Zane Lowe Lacoste?
DG Nike!
ZL Hello.
DG Hi.
ZL A round of applause please for our first very special guest, it's Mr Dave Grohl. How you doin' man?
DG I'm well.
ZL It's good to see you. Excellent timing to catch you in New York City.
DG What are the odds? I was here doin' stuff for the Probot record and hanging out freezin' my balls off.
ZL Minus six today - but the snow is so pretty.
DG Hey, y'know it was pretty when it was coming down. It was beautiful.
ZL For the people out there who don't know, and there still are a few uninitiated out there are, what is the Probot project?
DG The Probot project started four years ago when I just went into my basement and recorded a bunch of heavy instrumentals for no reason at all - just for fun. I wrote the word Probot on the reel and put it on the shelf amongst all the other Foo Fighters things. Then a couple of months later I plyed it for someone and they said "Man, you should get somebody to sing on this", it was kinda too heavy for Foo Fighters stuff so I came up with my wishlist of favourite vocalists from the 80s underground thrash/death metal scene. When I was a kid in '82 '83 I started listening to hardcore and punk rock then through that I started lstening to all these bands like Venom, Mercyful Fate and Trouble. So, with this wishlist I started calling them all up.
ZL You called them personally?
DG Yeah - well, you'd talk to 'em on the phone and then I had another friend helping me out while I was on the road, and he'd call me up and be like "Dude, I talked to King Diamond today." So we just started Fed Ex-in the tapes out and they'd put their vocals on and send 'em back. It took four years.
ZL Like I said, you're not really doing too much press, it's still really a fan project for you isn't it?
DG Originally I just thought it was gonna be a super low-key thing too and I coldn't imagine actually finishing it because it was too insane, the logistics where nuts..... So we finally finished it and it was just a matter of figuring out how to release it. I didn't wanna put it out on a big label because most people don't really know too much about that music or that scene.
drums ZL You've got your own imprint though? Roswell?
DG Well, I kinda did it through Roswell but I did it with my buddy Greg who has a label called Southern Lord.
ZL Great name.
DG Yeah. They do stuff just like, Doom, Goatsnake, Sunn0))) and Khanate. So now it's turned into this thing where people are interested.
ZL So here you are. I'm not really interested but you're in town, we needed guests.....
DG [laughs] Cool. I love that Roni Size stuff too!
ZL [laughs]
DG Puma!
ZL NYC - you like it as a city?
DG I do like it. I actually tried living here once.
ZL For how long?
DG About a year and a half. I didn't like it.
ZL Where about?
DG Tribeca. It was alright. I'm from Virginia, I like trees and crickets and quiet.....that's why I live in LA. [laughs]
ZL Why else? Listen man, it's been great to see you thanks for dropping down.
DG Thanks man.
ZL Are you gonna stick around for the gig tonight?
DG I might do. I've nothing to do tonight.
ZL Can I play one of your tracks?
DG Yeah!
'Shake Your Blood' plays