Top of the Pops Radio Show
August 1998

This interview took place backstage after the Foo Fighters performed 'Walking After You'.

Jayne Middlemiss Are the Foo Fighters nice down to earth people? Here's where we find out, as Dave and Taylor get a reality check.
Dave Grohl Hello my name is David Eric Grohl, I'm 29 years old, I was born on January 14 1969, I'm a Capricorn and I like to...uh...decorate cakes and repair guns.
Taylor Hawkins (adopts British accent) My name is Oliver Taylor Hawkins and I currently play drums for the Foo Fighters.
DG What kinda accent is that?
TH Dunno!

JM Have you ever wore sunglasses indoors?
DG No. (laughs)
JM You're wearing them right now!
DG That's because I have these on.
JM Wow, what are they?
DG Contact lenses. Actually I had an arc-welding accident I don't wanna talk about it.

JM How much is a pint of milk?
DG In America?
JM I suppose if you live there, yeah.
DG I think it'd be about a dollar five. I don't drink milk though.
TH But you wouldn't know because you'd make your personal assistant go get it for you.
DG Well I'd have my personal assistant go milk the cow I had imported from Spain.

JM When was the last time you used public transport?
DG Probably in Canada on tour.
TH Cab?
DG No, it's gotta be bus or subway.
TH You don't use no bus or subway!
DG I think I used it in Vancouver. Do they have a subway in Vancouver?
TH I don't think so.
DG Public transport, is that like other people on your private jet?

JM Ever snogged a celebrity?
DG Yeah, sure.
JM Who?
DG I'm not telling. (laughs)
JM C'mon.
DG Hello! Reality check.
TH I kissed him once, he's a celebrity.

JM Do you still have your childhood friends?
DG Yes. I have one at my house right now and he won't get out.

JM Anyone ever complained about you in a Hotel?
DG Not me, I think maybe you though.
TH Yeah but just for playing music too loud.

JM Ever chucked a TV out of a window?
DG No.
TH No. But one time Danny from Supergrass, threw a chair out the window.
JM Did he smash it?
TH No, he opened it first.
DG (laughs) That doesn't count.

JM Ever been thrown out of a night-club?
TH Many times.
DG I don't think I have.
TH I have.
JM I'm pleased to say you failed the reality check but it was the best one we've ever had.
DG That's good.

JM Tell us about 'Walking After You'.
DG Well it's on our LP, but the version we're playing here is from the X-files soundtrack.
JM How did you get involved with doing a song for the X-files movie?
TH Big money.
DG Man they pay! And we just go for the cheques.
THIt's all about the bread.
DG That's a whole lotta bread for the four cats.
JM Ever watched it?
TH Never!
DG X-files? It's a movie right?
JM It's also a TV program.
DG Oh, is it?
TH Is it on HBO?
DG I think it's a cable thing.
TH We don't do cable in Alaska.