Radio One Rock Show
August 2002
Taylor crouches next to Mary Anne

The band were interviewed backstage after picking up their award.

Mary-Anne Hobbs I'm joined by the Foo Fighters. It has to be said this Hall Of Fame award is usually reserved for senior citizens in the rock stratosphere.
(The band laughs)
Dave Grohl Well..I think that itís funny because weíve been a band for 7 or 8 years, and thatís considered longevity nowadays, but its kinda strange I mean, that used to be like the foundation of a career, and now itís considered like a ĎA careerí. So itís kinda funny to me.
Taylor Hawkins The greatest hits tour is next.
DG Exactly. Weíll do that next month.
MAH What I though was really nice for you actually, is that obviously the listeners of the Radio 1 Rock Show wonít have seen these awards yet, but they are, sort of large glass bricks and Iíve had one in my hand this evening and I thought itíd be great for you, you could have a new blunt instrument to whack Courtney with the next time you see her.
DG Wait a second!
TH Wait!
Chris Shifflet Hold On!
DG No, No, Iím a peace and love kinda guy.
MAH (laughs)
DG Ok? Iím a nice guy.
MAH Yeah, yeah.
DG I am! Believe me.
MAH We hear a little rumour that thereís a secret show going on in London?
DG Yeah, weíre playing Friday at the Oo-Loo!
MAH Friday at ULU.
CS Catís outta the bag.
(Everyone laughs)
MAH Are there tickets on sale? Can the general public get tickets?
DG Na, just show up, weíll let you in.
MAH Yeah, thatís great.
CS Just ask for Gus Brandt.
(More Laughter)
MAH Yeah. There are also some British shows coming up if you canít get into ULU cos it is a weeny little..It pratically a cupboard...
DG Itís really small...
MAH It really is.
TH (In an English accent) Itís a cupboard.
MAH There's brand new shows thatíve just been announced today; Manchester M.E.N Arena..MEN Arena?..that sounds....quite gay.
DG+TH Men, men, men, men, men, men, men...
MAH It's November the 16th.
TH (in camp voice) We like men arenas.
MAH Then Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff, Wembley and Glasgow, tickets priced £18.50 except £19.50 for London which is always more expensive.
DG Why is that?
MAH I donít know.
TH Cos everything costs a lot here.
DG (stern) Why is that?
MAH Yeah.
TH I bought a shirt for 60 dollars today.
DG (stern) Why did you do that?
TH Because I thought it looked good and then I got home and I realised I looked like an idiot in it.
DG And it says ĎHealth Club Rejectí.
(They laugh)
MAH I just heard your new single as well today, I got a wobbly little cassette copy, I donít know whether itís legal, itís...itís ah...youíre going some on that...arenít you?
DG Yeah, weíre going for it.
MAH Back at full tilt again.
DG You know.
MAH Yeah.
DG Thatís what we do.
TH Weíre gonna kick your ass.
DG God dammit!
TH We're here to kick your ass!
MAH Its such a pity because our exec at Radio 1 was just saying how much he loved you in that video where you wear the dress, and he wants more dresses in the Foo Fighters videos. Is that gonna happen?
DG Well, I think we have to sorta graduate from our cross dressing phase.
TH You have to come to our houses late at night to see that.
DG Yeah.
MAH And Tony Iommi has just presented the award to you.
DG Can you believe that shit?
MAH Letís get Tony on the mic.
TH Let's talk to somebody with real talent.
MAH Tony, a hall of fame award, it is...joking aside, Itís a pretty big deal. Do you think these boys are ready for that resting on their featherlight shoulders there?
Tony Iommi I think theyíre great, Theyíve really held up all these years, which as Dave says, things are different now to what they were, yíknow, in our day, so theyíve done really well, and theyíve mantained their popularity, and yíknow, got better, I think itís well deserved.
MAH Can you honestly see him running your distance do you think? Have they got that stamina?
TI Itís hard now. Weíve been going 35 years almost.
MAH I know. Thatís a miracle isnít it?
DG (laughs) Itís a little bit of difference there.
TI But..yíknow..I bloody hope they do.
MAH Wonderful. Ok, Itís lovely to talk to all of you. Thank you very much indeed, and weíll see you later.