Radio One Rock Show
November 1999

This took place backstage after the Glasgow Barrowlands gig.

Mary Anne Hobbs Foo Fighters are with us!
Taylor Hawkins (Adopts fake British accent) Right, Right, Right.
MAH I think we need two items, a mop and a neck brace. Who would agree with me?
Dave Grohl A mop and a neck brace! What the hell are you talking about?
MAH I have never seen a venue so soaking wet! Through this entire place it is sodden in the aftermath of this gig, is it not?
DG It was pretty hot up there.
TH It was what? Sodom?
DG What?
TH What did she say?
DG (Adopts fake British accent) Sodden.
MAH Soaking wet through.
DG (Dumb redneck voice) That's pretty wet.
TH So there was like water and stuff?
MAH That's the idea yes. And the neckbrace for all the kids in the moshpit. You always talk about Glasgow Barrowlands as your spiritual home, don't you?
DG Well Barrowlands, we've played here a lot. Probably five or six times and every time we come back it gets better and better, and hotter and hotter. It's fun, this is kind of like the ultimate venue because it's not too small. You can get a big P.A in here, you can get a decent lighting rig, but it's not so big it's...
TH I think it's the wildest audience in the world, one of 'em, it's very close.
DG You know what? It might be true, the people here go off much harder than a lot of other places.
TH Like crazier than anywhere. I mean it's insane!
MAH We knew it was going to be a wild gig tonight though because...
TH We can suck and they still go crazy.
DG Exactly.
TH As you know...! (laughs)
DG As evident on the new live recording.
MAH No, we knew it was gonna be good tonight though because we came to your soundcheck and Taylor was there in sub zero temperatures in Glasgow practically naked.
DG Well you know when he's not on tour he does do Chippendale's dancing in Laguna Beach California. So it's just kinda by nature that he walks around with no shirt on.
TH I gotta get my vibes together you know? So I have to expose myself to the room.
DG True and there is nothing like a hard set of nipples when your playing the drums.
TH (Laughing) True.
DG Got the headlights on. Taylor's brights are on.
MAH Dave Grohl you're such a pervert. How can you do an entire set at Barrowlands chewing gum?
DG Because I have to, if I don't chew gum...
TH Lennon would have done it that way.
DG Right (laughing), and me and Lennon you know?
TH Spiritual brothers!
DG I have to chew gum because I have to keep my throat moist and minty or else I will gag and vomit when I'm screaming.
MAH Right, ok so...
TH Ever swallow your gum in the middle of a set?
DG I've never swallowed it no, but when I had longer hair every night I'd have to pull it out of my hair...
TH (Mumbles something)
MAH (laughs)
DG ...The end.
MAH You've got a real nerve you lot, three British dates and you call this a tour?
DG No, no, we didn't call this a tour.
TH We're just dipping the wick if you will.
DG Dipping the wick...?
MAH (laughing) That's a very English expression you've picked up Taylor.
TH Well were not diving all the way in yet because...
DG I haven't heard that before.
TH ...we wanna come back and play Wembley stadium maybe.
DG (laughs)
MAH Because you're too busy poncing about at the VH1 fashion awards! Are you just trying to blag some more girls clothes having got so comfortable in the Learn To Fly video?
DG We need advice..
TH We like to blag things too.
DG We need to go and see what all the cool bands are wearing so we won't look so stupid all the time.
TH We need to get up there with the bigger bands, the Goo Goo dolls and stuff. We found that they do stuff like that and we wanna get to that level really.
DG I think we need something to push us to the next level and I think it might be fashion.
TH We do.
DG So we got that Gaultier guy to make our stage suits, I'll be wearing leather hot pants.
TH Sandra Rhodes is doing Nate's attire..
DG Is he?
TH She.
DG Oh (laughing) who's she?
MAH It's so tragic you're going to be arsing about on a catwalk and you're going to miss Black Sabbath at the Astoria.
TH Ah we got a treat coming up...
DG Maybe...
TH England!
DG So Sabbath is in our hearts, we'll be there anyway.
TH (Adopts British accent again) Got a bit of a treat.
MAH Are you gonna let us in on this?
DG No!
TH You gotta come along.
MAH Well there's Manchester tomorrow and Brixton on Thursday.
TH Madchester.
MAH What's going on Taylor? You've got a glint in your eye and you look like a savage, come on let us in.
TH I can't top nothing. I'm brain dead.
MAH Hellacopters are supporting, props to Hellacopters.
TH They rock don't they?
DG They're great, every night within three or four songs they rule the show.
TH They definitely get the crowd going.
MAH Well listen clear off because we've got some live tracks of yours we want to play now.
DG Ok.
TH Cool.
MAH We could sit here talking all night...
TH All night.
MAH ...but we'd never get to the tunes.
DG No, gotta get to the tunes.
TH Get to the tunage.
MAH Right now.
DG Right here it is.