Lunchtime Social
August 2002 Taylor & Dave pose with Nemone

Dave & Taylor called in the day after the Kerrang! Awards.

Nemone Hello Dave Grohl.
Dave Grohl Hello.
N And Hello to, ah, Tayl...
Taylor Hawkins Taylor Hawkins.
Dave laughs
N I'm slightly feeling probably how you feel, a bit little rough around the edges.
DG Did you go out last night?
N No I stayed in, I had a really early night.
DG You did?
N Yeah.
DG We kinda did too, it wasnít that bad.
N Did you? What time did you get to bed?
TH My life is a series of early nights now.
DG I wound up with room service on my lap at about 12.30 I think.
N Thatís not what I....Oh you reckon?
DG Thatís probably, maybe it was 2, I donít know.
N Oh yeah, maybe more like 2, this is the boys from the Foo Fighters on Radio 1. I have to say, first of all, that when Jo Whiley found out that you guys were coming in she fought to change her holiday so that she could be here.
DG Well, yíknow some of us have to go to Greece.
N Didnít try hard enough, so now youíre stuck with me.
TH Right now sheís in Ibiza dancing her ass off.
DG Thatís right. Tanned, glistening, thong and all.
N Thatís exactly right.
DG Beautiful.
N First question then, we talked about it already, the Kerrang! Awards was last night.
DG It was fun.
N Did you enjoy yourselves?
DG It was short man.
TH It was short.
DG I mean, it seemed like we were there for about an hour and 15 minutes. It really went by so quickly.
N I love the way they do that.
DG I think it might be my favourite awards ceremony.
TH Yeah itís better that way.
N I think, Bish Bosh, in out, and then everyone has a party.
DG Itís great.
N I think more awards ceremonies should be like that definitely, and you got inducted into the Kerrang hall of Fame, how did that feel?
TH old.
DG A bit premature. It seems funny because you look at the list of the people that theyíve given that award to, and itís like, Iggy Pop, AC/DC, Sabbath, and its just like; 'I canít believe weíre in here'.
TH Jean Pitney...
N Sinatra.
DG Mel Brooks.
N Amazing...
TH Beethoven.
N Itís an amazing hall of fame.
TH Two guys that didnít have names that just hit rocks.
DG Simon and Garfunkle.
N Theyíre in there too. Ok, how about the hectic weekend youíve just had? Weíre kind of hearing how its taken its toll on Dave, Taylor how about for you? How was Leeds and Reading?
TH It was Amazing, really actually Reading was amazing - Leeds was amzing too, but after Reading, I mean reading was just like....
DG Reading was a big moment for the band....
TH Yeah, yeah it was really awesome.
DG because weíd kinda headlined festivals before, but like, we did Germany, and then, stuff like that, but then. Just Reading is just....
N Thereís a feeling.
DG Itís the most famous festival of them all.
TH Itís like Madison Square Garden or The Forum, Itís like one of those big things.
N Huge.
TH One of those like rock and roll dreams or whatever when youíre a kid...
N And you did it again this year.
DG It was great man.
N And is, I mean two years ago at Reading, you werenít very well, and ah, last year obviously V2001, we know what happened there. And this year Reading seems to have taken itís toll on your voice, is there something saying to you guys, maybe you should stay away.
DG Well. I got overly excited, and just started screaming my nuts off yíknow? And then Leeds was kinda the same way..and then we did a show on Monday at the Astoria..I sang like Rod Stewart, so I love to switch faces.
N Itís a good look, yeah.
TH Itís kinda like the punk rock Faces.
N Excellent. And the new single 'All My Life', weíve just been chatting about it, obviously we played it this morning on the show, returned to the rockier end of what you guys do, was it a conscious decision to go that way?
DG Well, it always been there. Itís weird because our last record was kind of, it was so subdued for us yíknow, we went back to Virginia, and built a studio in the house, and wrote a bunch of songs on acoustic guitars, and some of them were rock but they never really went full steam, hey were all kind of, yíknow, it was like a lesson in restraint.
TH They were written slightly different.
DG Yeah this time, when we demoed stuff for this record it was really just the four of us in a room with the amps on ten, and all the songs kinda started out as instrumentals and then they had to sort of become songs, so...
N And how does that work? I mean, how do they become songs?
DG Itís weird. Itís a sort of backwards way of doing it.
TH Basically for the band, well, for Dave included because he doesnít know what heís going to sing, he usually has an idea what the vocals are where theyíre going to be, and the melodies and whatnot, but um, youíre kind of ah, painting in the dark.
N Feeling your way..
DG I love it.
TH ..But that can sort of make thing interesting too. A little bit. In some ways it did, and in some days, in some ways, some days.
N (laughs)
TH In some ways and some days it made things, ah, a little bit difficult but in the end, the overall ending turned out really great, and I love the song.
N Itís, ah I love the tune that weíve been playing.
DG Thank you.
N Whatís it like for you knowing that Dave also plays your instrument? Is there any pressure for you?
TH No, I mean yíknow, I get that question every day of my life!
N Ok Iím sorry to ask you it again.
TH No, itís alright, um, no I mean, heís like the best rock drummer in the world, so, basically, for him to allow me to play drums on his record...
DG Shut the hell up. That's so stupid.
TH Ok, on our record, on our record.
N On his record? (laughing)
TH Yíknow Itís, itís not, itís a good thing, and Iím really proud of the drums on this record.
DG Yeah, yeah itís one of the best things about the record, the drums, because, the way we recorded the record, we recorded it once and spent like four months on it, and then threw everything away, and went back and re-recorded everything in about two weeks.
N Oh my god.
DG So we made the whole record in two/two and a half weeks.
N Sure.
DG And we were working with this good friend of ours, this guy Nick Raskinlineks(sp?). Heís not like a big producer, heís a good friend whoís a great producer but he hasnít done any big records yet, heís a fan of the band and heís a musician. So most producers when you go in to record drums, they just try to, just pare it down, they just try to get you to do the least much as possible, and with Taylor, it was like ĎNo, no, no do that moreí.
N Yeah.
DG It was like Ďdo that fasterí And so..
TH It was like a Rush record.
DG In a sense.
N Exactly thatís how it come about. Now I have to ask you, in fact Iím going to get shot if I donít ask you about Queens of the Stone Age, are you finished with them and back with the Foos? Or are you going to do other stuff with them?
DG Well, I mean you never know, theyíre the kinda people who invite friends to play for their records all the time, and they have another drummer, and theyíre touring America right now, but, um, I canít do both at the same time. Yíknow, and it was like really really fun, and I had a blast, but itís time to do this, I mean this, Foo Fighters is like my baby, yíknow and thatís like my family so...
N Nice to be back in the family.
DG Absolutely, itís like being home.
N I know it seems like that, you guys seem like you kinda just slipped straight back into it..
DG Donít be fooled!
N Yeah, yeah, behind the scene arguing. Also I have to ask this question, whatís the score over the ownership of the Nirvana legacy?
DG Um...I canít really talk about that stuff.
TH But I can so...
DG (laughs) No.
N Taylor?
DG Since itís a legal thing now I have a proper excuse to not have to talk about it.
N Yeah you can be nice about it and say...
DG I canít.
N No comment.
DG Itís a legal matter.
N O.k Weíll leave it in the hands of the lawyers then Boys. Now it's The Testimony, this is where you can really harass each other, and tell the truth I believe. Iíve handed you the single, can you say, 'I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Nemone'?
DG I promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
TH help me Nemoooonne (impersonating Nemone).
N Ok so thatís the testimony over and done with. Whoís the best person youíve ever worked with, Taylor?
TH Dave Grohl.
N (Laughs) You canít get out of it like that! You are allowed to pass on one. Dave Grohl, whoís the best person youíve ever worked with?
DG Um... The best person Iíve ever worked with? Well what do you mean by the best?
N Your favourite.
DG Just my favourite person Iíve ever worked with?
N Yeah.
DG Well, the most fun person Iíve ever worked with is Taylor.
N Oh this is too nice letís get to the nitty gritty.
DG Itís kinda true.
TH Itís true!
N Yeah, you look like you have a giggle.
DG (In a cockney accent) 'Yeah we 'ave a giggle'.
TH I would put a little sidebar, Brian May, is definitely a better guitar player than Dave.
N See, told you it was gonna get nasty.
TH As an overall musician I would say Dave Grohl.
DG And Kurt was the best song writer Iíve ever worked with, so that was kinda...
N So you'd put Kurt in as well?
TH Lots of sidebars.
N Ok.
TH Footnotes if you like.
N Footnotes. Yeah, I like that.
TH Footloose.
N You can have that. Ok, youíre offered a life changing amount of money to endorse a new range of odour eaters called ĎFoot Fightersí, do you do it?
DG No.
TH No.
N The look on your face is fantastic! Yeah, not a hope. Ok, whatís the most obsessive thing a fan has ever done?
TH I donít think we can talk about that on the Radio.
N Another one! Iím wondering just where is this going?
DG Um...We had this one fan that was like a 60 year old woman that followed us around on every show of our first tour, that was pretty weird...Liz.
N An OAP stalker. Ok, whoís your favourite musician in the world? I guess weíve kind of covered that havenít we?
TH Yeah, I would say for me...
DG I would have to say Jimmy Page.
N If thereís one thing you could change about the opposite sex what would it be?
DG Uhh....
TH Umm....
N Oh, look, eyes to the heavens, both of them!
TH The inability to speak..
DG (laughing) I knew that was coming....
N Oh, cheeky.
DG I would probably install some kind of esp in all of them, so that they would know exactly what I wanted and needed at all times. (laughs)
N A legion of slaves to attend you every need at all times!.
DG There you go.
TH So, basically, itís the same thing.
N Yeah, exactly the same thing 'shut up'.
TH Yeah, 'You know that I want you to shut the hell up, right?'.
N Iím saying nothing..iím not gonna say..O.k interview over. What about if you could change something about your own apperance what would it be?.
TH Porbably my big ol' horse teeth.
DG My nostrils probably.
N Your nostrils?
DG Yeah Iíve had this complex about my nostrils ever since I was a kid because I remember when I was about 11 or 12, this friend of my sisters came over to the house and he said, Ďoh my god your nostrils are huge! I can see your brain!í.
N And it stayed with you. Iím not laughing at you Iím laughing with you. Have you ever had a fistfight?
TH Someone had a proper fistfight with my face a couple of months ago, I wasnít ready for it, I actually walked into a dark room and someone suddenly hit me in the face without me even knowing it...
N Oh my god!
TH Yeah...and then a couple in high school.
N You got down to it. Any tussles within the band? Has it ever come down to that?
DG No.
TH That would be the end.
TH That would be bad.
DG If it comes to that itís kinda a lost cause.
TH Weíre not from Australia.
N Oh, The Datsuns fight last night?
TH Oh, they're from New Zealand. Same thing.
N Theyíre not here to defend themselves. Weíll be telling The Datsuns all about that.
TH Oi, Kiwi!.
N Any showbiz tantrums? Oh look! The crew in the background are nodding away!
DG Theyíre going, 'ah-ha, yeah'.
TH We probably have both but we were always really embarrassed about doing it afterwards.
DG Remember the time that you freaked out when the van couldnít find the hotel in DC? And you screamed; ĎFREDDIE MERCURY WOULD NEVER DRIVE AROUND FOR AN HOUR LOOKING FOR A HOTEL!í.
TH I had to be kidding! I had to be fuckin' kiddin...Oh, sorry!
DG You what?
N Ok, sorry about that weíre just expressing ourselves.
TH Sorry.
DG Oh, I remember you throwing a suitcase at a restaurant once.
TH Yeah, that was in my drinking days though, I had to actually get up and play a show. I wasnít happy. Iíve seen you throw a tizzy here and there.
DG Like what? Gimme a good one.
TH Oh goshie.
N Weíre delving back into Dave Grohlís past.
TH Oh, I remember, um, I donít if it was a tantrum though, but I know there has been, I just know it. I remember one time when we, you were just dog tired and it was over here I believe, and you just didnít want to play a show.
N Daveís choosing not to remember that one.
TH I wouldnít call it a tantrum, it was more like, ĎI CANíT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE, I WANNA GO HOME. IíM OVER THIS!í.
N And I have to ask you, what pants do the Foo Fighters wear?
TH What pants do we wear? We donít all wear the same pants.
DG Yeah that would be disgusting.
N Yes, I can imagine.
TH Although I have stolen pants from Dave I believe.
DG Thatís true, I think Iíve stolen pants from him.
TH Yeah we swop clothes.
N Ok, what's the most youíve ever spent on an item of clothing? We've got Madonna spending 12 grand on a handbag...
DGThat's a lot smaller than I would ever pay.
TH That's a small house.
DG I donít know, I spent a grand on a sweater once and I lost it.
TH Can I borrow it? And sell it?
N Well thank you very much.
TH That was really quick.
N Time flies on this show.
DG It does.
TH We had fun