Jo Whiley
May 2005

Jo caught up with Dave on the bands tourbus backstage at Radio One's Big Weekend.

Jo Whiley Hello Mr Grohl how are you?
Dave Grohl I'm good. I'm doing better. I'm doing better than I was a few days ago.
JW 24 hours ago you weren't speaking like this at all.
DG No, not at all. I actually went to the doctors yesterday and usually I don't do that when I'm on tour I just figure 'I've blown my voice out and I'll be fine' but I kinda figured there was a problem and I knew we had to do this show.
JW Too right you had to do this show!
DG I know! Some doctors will give you these Super-Hulk steroid shots that make you feel instantly better. This guy didn't do that, he just told me not to sing.
JW Right.
DG He said, 'Well, when is your next show?' and I said 'Saturday' and he goes, ' might not wanna do that.'
JW What did you say? 'That's not an option'?
DG I said, 'Ok'.
JW Any medication? What've they done?
DG He put me on some antibiotics. I have laryngitis which is something I've never had before.
JW How did you get laryngitis?
DG I dunno. Haven't the slightest idea.
JW Is it not just because you are shouting a lot?
DG It has a lot to do with it. Usually if you've just got a cold and it gets into your throat, which it did, it can make your vocal chords kind of swollen. Apparently my right vocal chord is more swollen than my left.
JW So, your cigarettes....
DG I dunno what you're talking about. I have no idea.
JW The Jack Daniels has no effect on the voice?
DG Well, I think the whiskey is medicinal.
JW Ok.
DG He actually told me to drink more whiskey.
JW I'll see if I can find a bottle for you later on.
DG Would you? You're so good at this!
JW I know! So what's the solution tonight? You can't do the full set I presume.
DG I'm not sure yet. I'll have a couple of drinks and I'll jump around, blow my voice out.
JW So we can expect a thousand percent tonight?
DG Absolutely.
JW You're due onstage pretty soon. Can you just describe what is above us now?
DG (laughs)
JW We're in the double bedroom on the bus.
DG This is the bedroom on the bus.
JW I can't believe I'm in the bedroom on the bus.
DG Y'know what sucks? We're only doing one show on this tour. This is the bus we had for our European tour when we were here a couple of years ago. As much as this seems like a dream come true, I feel far more comfortable sleeping in a bunk on the bus.
JW Do you? Why?
DG It just doesn't feel right. I spent about the last ten years sleeping in those little coffin things and when you actually get a bed you roll around more. I'm not into it.
JW And the ceiling above us?
DG Well, the ceiling - I think you can actually set that so it glows different colours.
JW 'I think' - like you haven't tried it.
DG Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.
JW They're like star lights above us.
DG Yeah.
JW Thank you. You better get onstage pretty soon and I've got to get back the studio.
DG I know. I gotta go. Time for a drink.