Jo Whiley
April 2005

Jo revealed the band were joining the line-up for Radio One's 1 Big Weekend in Sunderland

Jo Whiley The next band I may as well not reveal myself, especially as I've got the lead singer on the phone. So apologies first of all because I know it's the middle of the night any you're probably still in bed. Give us some clues as to who you are. Hello
Dave Grohl Hello.
JW what instrument are you best known for playing?
DG Probably the drums.
JW Ok. Do you have Jack Black's telephone number stored in your cell?
DG Yeah, I do.
JW Do you have a new album coming out?
DG I do. It'll be coming out June 14th or something like that.
JW Can you tell us what it's called?
DG It's called In Your Honor.
JW So that'll make you...
DG Mister David Eric Grohl.
JW Eric?
DG Uh-huh.
JW I don't think I new that. Dave Grohl welcome to the show. Can you confirm for us then that the Foo Fighters will be playing 1 Big Weekend.
DG I can definitely confirm that we're gonna be there for the show.
JW This is going to be one of the first live gigs you've done after completing the album isn't it?
DG Yeah, that will be. It'll be fun I can't wait.
JW So are you going to be trying out some new stuff when you do it?
DG Yeah. We made a double record so there's one CD thats all rock and one CD thats all acoustic and usually when we finish a record we listen to the songs and we think 'Which of these are we going to fit into the setist along side the older staples we've played for years?' With this album, i swear to God, we're trying to figure out which older songs to put into the setlist. This album is the best thing we've ever done by far. We play it for people and they cry.
JW Really?
DG We've been playing it for journalists and s far two of them have cried.
JW (laughs) Have you had any big nights out recently? You must have done something to celebrate and relieve the pressure.
DG (groans) I went to a Motorhead 30th anniversary show. We just sat and guzzled whiskey all night until finally Motorhead started playing I ended up doing a stage dive. I landed on my face and my right cheekbone felt shattered. I couldn't feel anything though.
JW Was it good?
DG Yeah, it was great. I lost my cellphone, called it a couple of hours later, someone answered; 'Hello?' 'Hello this is Dave, I think you have my cellphone!'
JW And who was it?
DG A really nice guy named Simon.
JW (laughs)
DG The next day he came by and dropped it off and he also dropped off his portfolio because he's a graphic designer, so now I think he's going to be doing posters for our tour.
JW (laughs) Happy ending.
DG It was really good.
JW Other bands that we've announced for 1 Big Weekend; Black eyed Peas....
DG ...I love them.
JW Do you?
DG Yes. I remember a long time ago our tour manager was managing Busta Rhymes and I went to see him at the show. It was Busta Rhymes, Black Eyed Peas, Public Enemy. I was walking down the hall and Will from Black Eyed Peas says; 'Hey man, you're in the Foo Fighters. I love your band' I was like; 'Really? You do?'. We became friends, swapped numbers and he would leave me the best phone messages you've ever heard. Just freestyle rap phone messages. 'You have two new messages' I'd hit the button and it'd be Will beatboxing and leaving me a message but rapping it. The guys great. I just saw him about a week ago.
JW That's good. You can catch up again in Sunderland
DG He's a good guy I like him.
JW Other bands are Natalie Imbruglia, Kasabian and a new girl called KT Tunstall who you might not have heard of yet but you'll get to see in Sunderland.
DG Sounds huge.
JW So you're going to Sunderland, we'll take you out, show you the sights. There's loads of interesting stuff to do there.
DG Promise?
JW Yeah!
DG I'd love to.
JW I'll see you there. We could play table tennis which I'm sure you've become quite good at.
DG Oof! No, Jo. you don't want any of that.
JW No?
DG It's a battle.
JW Is it really?
DG Yeah. It used to be fun but it's become a serious thing here in the studio now.
JW Ok.
DG I can't have fun with ping pong anymore.
JW You're so competative.
DG It's not even that. It's become an obsession. It might as well be fencing or something. It's horrible.
JW Thanks for talking to us and see you in Sunderland.
DG Thanks Jo.
JW Ok. Take care.
DG Bye.