Evening Session
November 1995

Steve Lamacq interviewed Dave while the band were in Maida Vale recording their first BBC session.

STEVE LAMACQ We should have Dave Grohl downstairs. How's it been going today Dave?
DAVE GROHL It's going good. I think we did 5 songs today, different versions of some songs and some songs we'd never recorded before.
SL So, you've done some new tracks. These were songs written after the LP?
DG Well, I think maybe one of them. We didn't wanna put in too much new stuff 'cause these sessions are notorious for being bootlegged.
SL That's true. Is it easier recording after you've done a batch of live shows? Because you've just finished your UK tour.
DG Well, it's just so nice we get to do this on a day off!
DG No, it's actually quite nice. The studios are great and I don't know of a better way to spend our day.
SL Have you got lost in them? They're just a maze of corridors.
DG It reminds me of every time I have to transfer a flight at Heathrow.
SL Right. So your over in the UK at the minute and your a man who has an interest in the paranormal and UFOs. So what do you think about crop circles?
DG Y'know what? I've never seen a crop circle. I think they're amazing. I think some of them may be hoaxes but some of them may not be. I just think it's funny if you kinda think of it as alien graffiti, their coming and putting their tags on a corn fields, it's kinda funny.
SL So your aware of crop circles but do you find as you go around different countries they all have their own unexplained phenomenon.
DG Of course, everywhere does. It's not just America or England, it's the whole world man.
SL What are your favourite ones? I'd imagine the Germans have good ones.
DG The Germans have good ones. There are good ones in South America too.
SL Like what?
DG Well umm....just, people are sort of looking back at the ancient religions and starting to realise they have a lot more to do with the unexplained than they could ever....explain before. Don't ask me I'm not very articulate.
SL Do you just think about things coming from other planets or is it other unexplained phenomena? Like we have the Loch Ness Monster
DG That's true, I know about Nessie! It could be a dimensional thing, other dimensions we don't know about.
SL Like...
DG Time travel, who knows man?
CHRIS EVANS Could I just ask a question about unexplained phenomena?
SL This is Chris Evans, and this is Dave Grohl.
DG Hi Chris.
CE Hi Dave, what about Capital Radio? That's a phenomena you can't really explain.
DG Capital Radio?
CE Exactly, see he doesn't even know what it is?
DG Told you I wouldn't be able to explain it.
SL OK, a couple of quick questions before you play a live track for us. There have been stories in the UK press this week and we've had a couple of phone calls about it too, that plans for a Nirvana live LP have been shelved now. Can you fill us in on that?
DG Well, I've been pretty busy doing this stuff so I haven't had time to sit down and talk about what's happening with the live LP. But I don't think it'll happen any time soon, one day, but I don't know when.
SL Was there any particular problem with it? Because it seemed to be coming out and then it wasn't.
DG Well, duh! (laughs)
SL (laughs) Right.
DG I think when the time feels right it'll come out.
SL And what next for Foo Fighters, do you have a vacation now?
DG Yeah, we have like a whole nine or ten days off! Then we go to Japan and after that we have another nine or ten days off and then we go to Australia and South East Asia and then maybe we'll have another nine or ten days off.
SL What about the next album?
DG We'll be writing that in the nine days we're home next week.
SL Jolly good luck with it. What are you gonna play for us?
DG We're gonna play a song called Winnebago, but it's sort of a medley it's Winnebago and the tail end of it is a song called Wattershed that's on the LP.
SL It's the Foo Fighters on Radio 1, Dave take it away.