Evening Session
December 2000

As part of the Evening Session's round up of 2000, musicians were asked to give their own awards of the year.

Steve Lamacq And Now it's the turn of the little drummer boy, Mr Entertainment himself, Dave Grohl.

Dave Grohl Hi, this is Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, and I'd personally like to wish a very, very Merry Christmas and a happy holidays to the Evening Session and all it's listeners. This is the official Foo Fighters awards 2000, first up:

Best Single 2000: Outkast - B.O.B
That's right (sings) 'Bombs over Baghdad' they win, hands down. Best single of the year, there you go. I read somewhere recently it's deemed the Bohemian Rhapsody of rap, that kinda makes sense I suppose.

Best Live Act 2000: Queens Of The Stone Age
I'm gonna have to give it to Queens Of The Stone Age, we just did a tour with them in America. They'd step out in front of a couple of thousand kids that weren't necessarily too familiar with their music and by the end of the show they would have them on their knees, bowing, praying in worship to the gods that are Queens Of The Stone Age. Congratulations guys.

Best Breakout 2000: Timmy C
I'm gonna have to give it to Timmy from Rage Against The Machine for completely destroying this year's MTV awards in New York city. He's everybody's hero now because the show really sucked up until that point, so congratulations Timmy. I'll send you your award in the mail.

The Fighter Of Foo Award: Neil Young
This one is for best Fighter of Foo, a torchbearer of truth, honour and integrity. I'm gonna give it to Neil Young because we played his Bridge School Benefit which is a benefit he does every year to raise money for a school that helps handicapped children. That guy has built a life and a body of work and all of his music is completely built on love, honesty and humanity. The guy is just the closest thing a rock musician could get to the pope. Thank God for Neil Young. We love you very much.