Breakfast Show
April 19997

The 'You Love Us' quiz was held over three days while the Foo Fighters were on a European promo tour.


MARK RADCLIFFE Joining us on the line from Paris is Dave Grohl.
MR How are you?
DG Very...not awake.
MR Why? What were you up to last night?
DG I went to a Supertramp party.
MR A Supertramp party!
DG (laughing) Only the aftershow party.
MR You're just a tart you'll go anywhere for a free beer.
DG They had those little sausages wrapped in croissants too.
MR Ah! Well it had to be done. Did you go and watch Supertramp play?
DG I was fortunate enough to just go to the party, I missed the show, I couldn't make the show.
MR What a shame, have to stay in your hotel room and fill your pen did you?
DG Yeah.
MR As long as you had a good excuse. We're looking forward to seeing you over here shortly
DG Very soon.
MR Lets get on with this quiz thing.
DG Sure.
MR I ask you some questions about yourself and you answer them.
DG Ok.
MR Can I just say, when we saw you with your old group at Reading festival, me and Lardy-boy stood at the side of the stage and we just thought you were awesome. The bit we liked especially was when you put the kick drum on the bass amp and threw cymbals at it.
DG (laughing) Thank you, it's my speciality.
MR Ok, here we go. What was your first electric guitar and how old were you when you were given it.
DG I believe it was a Silvertone and I think I was ten.
MR Well we think you were twelve.
DG Shit!
Much laughing as the show was live.
MR Fair enough, half a point because we don't know the age.
DG Ok.
MR What was the name of Nate Mendel's first band?
DG Oh, oh, it wasn't uh 'Chewbakka Kaboom' was it?
MR No, it wasn't that.
DG It wasn't 'Christ on a Crutch' was it?
MR What? 'Christ on a Crutch' you're making this up.
DG I swear to God.
MR 'Diddely Squat'
DG Ah I knew that.
MR Which British music paper quoted you as saying this "I can see a positive side to anything whether it's a crisis or a catastrophe"?
DG I don't know, like everyone. Vox?
MR Melody Maker.
DG They're all the same.
MR What number did 'This is a Call' reach in the UK charts?
DG Five?
MR Five, yes. Very confident as a man with one and a half points out of four has every right to be.
DG (laughing) Yeah.
MR Pat Smear made a guest appearance on the debut album of which British band?
DG Fluffy.
MR Good, you pulled it back at the end because it was going to be embarrassing, leader of the band and you only had half a point.
DG Ah well.
MR Very good. Well, two and a half isn't very good I was patronising you.
DG Thank you!
MR It's not too bad, I don't think you'll win with that.
DG Wait till you see how stupid the other guys are.
MR Alright, we'll look forward to that. Thanks for joining us Dave Grohl.
DG Thanks a lot.


MARK RADCLIFFE Once again we're playing 'You Love Us' yesterday it was Dave Grohl and today it's Nate Mendels turn. Nate hello.
NATE MENDEL Hello, we got cut off I'm sorry.
MR That's ok. Nate what sort of a name is that?
NM It's short for Nathan actually.
MR Ok, where are you this morning Nate?
NM On my way to a train, which we're late for, in Paris.
MR We talked to Dave in Paris yesterday, are you playing tonight?
NM No it's TV
MR Ok, Dave was rubbish yesterday he got two and a half.
NM I should be able to beat him with my hands tied behind my back.
MR I would have thought so.
NM Good.
MR Which member of the band doesn't like shoes?
NM That's a simple one, Pat.
MR Pat, yeah. Who mixed the album Foo Fighters? two names.
NM (whispers)
MR You're cheating.
NM Ok, one second.
(in background) DAVE GROHL Shit, Busted!
MR You don't know, do you?
NM Uhmmm.
MR Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnaff.
NM I thought you meant the second album I'd have gotten that one. You didn't specify which album.
MR I did.
NM Ok, technical difficulty.
MR Melody Maker described which band member as 'shy the voice of reason'?
NM That would have to be me.
MR Yeah, it was you.
NM I'm the voice of reason.
MR What song is Dave describing "It's a love song, an unabashed ridiculous love song, there was a fast and slow version so Pat said lets stick 'em together"?
NM 'Up in Arms'.
MR You've beaten Dave already, you've got three.
NM Fantastic.
MR In what month of which year did Foo Fighters get together?
NM That would be January 95.
MR September 94.
NM Well...Ok.
MR Not convinced are you?
NM Well I'd say January 95, but whatever I'll concede.
MR You see, shy the voice of reason, I'm gonna give you half a point because we like you Nate.
NM Thank you.
MR So you've got three and a half points which is one point better than big Dave, so that's good.
NM That is good.
MR Ok so nice talking to you.
NM ......
MR Nate?
NM Nice talking to you as well.
MR You're not sure are you?
NM The connections a little bad.
MR Ok, see you soon Nate Mendel from the fantastic Foo Fighters.


MARK RADCLIFFE It's time to play 'You Love Us' with toppermost pop stars from toppermost pop groups. All this week it's the Foo Fighters and on the line now should be Taylor Hawkins.
MR How are you?
TH Just woke up.
MR Where have you woken up?
TH In my hotel room.
MR Where's that?
TH By Hyde Park.
MR You were in Paris the last couple of days weren't you?
TH Yeah........uh no!
MR Weren't you? You were.
TH No. I wasn't in Paris....
MR Fair enough you should know.
TH Dave and Nate were.
MR So how's it going? You're the new boy.
TH New guy. Yeah they treat me well.
MR Do they?
TH Sort of.
MR You have an interesting name because Taylor is a surname in this country and a Christian name in the states.
TH I know.
MR Just an observation. A cultural exchange.
TH It's kind of a hip thing.
MR Is it? Now then Dave only got two and a half.
TH Did he suck?
MR Rubbish, he did indeed suck.
TH Ah!
MR And Nate which is neither a first name or a last name in this country got three and a half.
TH Oh wow!
MR And Pat, he's not playing.
TH He can't be bothered.
MR Fair enough, as long as he's got a good excuse.
TH Yeah.
MR Alright, shall we do it?
TH Lets go for it man.
MR Which member of the band was described as being like 'a little kitten in a box'?
TH Like a kitten in a box! Oh no.
MR Melody Maker said this.
TH Pat?
MR Dave.
TH Oh bad start.
MR How old was Dave when he first learnt to play the guitar?
TH Ten.
MR Bang on.
TH Yeah.
MR How tall is grumpy Pat Smear?
TH Jeez how do you guys know this? 5ft 10"?
MR I've got 6ft 1".
TH He's lying.
MR He's lying?
TH Just kidding I don't know.
MR Ok we'll go back to it at the end. How many tracks are there on the new album?
TH Hold on let me look (laughs) Eleven?
MR Thirteen.
TH God! I'm sucking so bad.
MR No you're doing all right. This UK tour it starts on the 19th when does it finish?
TH Oh man I don't know.
MR Ok, we'll give you different one. What's this line from "Fingernails are pretty"?
TH 'This is a Call'.
MR Correct.
TH That was too easy.
MR I make that three, so the winner is Nate.
TH Nathan Mendel won the contest.
MR Yes. So anyway, we shall see you over here when you play the dates. Thanks for dragging yourself out of bed.
TH Right on man.
MR Nice talking to you.
TH Nice talking to you man.
MR Ok, bye.
TH Later.
MR Sadly the runner up in this weeks 'You Love Us' he sounded like a nice bloke Taylor.
LARD But Pat Smear is a loser.
MR Because he wouldn't come out and play in the morning.