Coventry; The Rough Guide

Rock Sound

Back in 88 Cathedral mainman Lee Dorrian let Dave's former band Scream sleep in his flat after a gig in Coventry that he had promoted.
  "I was about 18/19 and I'd just got my first council flat and there was fuck all in it - there was half a curtain or something, no furniture, no carpets. I think I even ended up staying at my girlfriend's house instead! I remember I had robbed a little table from a squat down the road and there was a really old radio with a cassette player on it and only one speaker worked. It was on the eighth floor in the roughest part of Coventry, hookers next door, drug dealers, all that kind of shit. Napalm (Death - Lee's former band) had just done our Peel Session and I remember playing it to them and Dave found that quite intriguing - and then I just remember him talking about Celtic Frost all night!
  "Dave seemed like a nice chirpy character, he was always cracking gags and stuff, not much different to how he is now really. It is quite amazing - the amount of personal and musical success he has had, to remain such a level-headed guy is quite remarkable. It is inspirational."
Lee Dorrian