What do other bands think about Foo Fighters? Love 'em? Loath 'em? Find out here.

"We did a little secret gig with Dave Grohl. He asked us. It's amazing cos like ten years ago we went and saw Nirvana and I got Dave Grohl's autograph, and now we're like playing with him. We were hanging out and drinking with him - he's the nicest guy. We met his mum as well! So it's good - it brings out the fan in you." - Tim Wheeler, 2002

Atomic Kitten
"Yesterday the Foo Fighters were here (at V2001) and I made a total fool of myself by running up to them and throwing myself at them, just being a total freak, but I don't care cause I love 'em." - Jenny Frost, 2001

Built To Spill
"In November of `95 we went to Europe for three weeks of opening for the Foo Fighters. The Foo's were very nice, but we were mostly sick and the kids threw stuff at us. " - Doug Martsch, 1997

"Why doesn't Dave Grohl run for President? I think he'd be good, he seems a very organised man. He has about 12 fingers in about 50 pies, and they're all great pies, and great fingers. What I'm saying is that we really respect that band, and I fucking love him!" - Chris Martin, 2002

DJ Shadow
"I'm coming out of the closet about my non hip-hop tastes. Foo Fighters was my favourite album last year" - Josh Davis, 1996

One of the nicest people I've met is Dave Grohl. We talked to him at V97 and he watched our set from the stage. I was thinking 'How cool is that?'. And then when I walked off stage he said, 'nice set', which was really cool of him. He was so geniune and friendly." - Grant Nicholas, 1997

Fenix TX
"Foo Fighters is a good band. They're fierce. When they're gone, we'll look back and miss them because they delivered what they promised. " - Damon Delapaz, 2000

Peter Frampton
"I was on David Letterman when The Foo Fighters were the musical guests. They played their single and, afterwards, Paul Schaefer said they wanted to play 'Show Me The Way'. So Paul Schaefer, the Foo’s and I played Show Me The Way coming in and out of commercial. The crowd went really wild." - Peter Frampton, 2000

"I love his voice (Dave) and the song writing is scary; it's phenomenal. He's the most inspirational guy out there for me now." - Mark DiCarlo, 2000

"Just to see him get an award (Kerrang! Hall Of Fame) was very moving. I think he is an amazing person. He has turned very difficult circumstances around and come back with a great band and a great attitude." - Shirley Manson, 2002

Guided By Voices
"I don't like mainstream rock but I would guess someone like Foo Fighters are the best band in rock today." - Robert Pollard, 2000

"Everlong is one of the best rock songs I've ever heard. The melodies, the chord changes, the guitars - everything is just right where it should be. And though it's got a lot of energy, it's also very contemplative. I think that 20 years from now it will be looked back on as a bona fide classic, in the same way we consider Led Zep and Doors songs to be classics." - Mike Einziger, 2002

Jimmy Eat World
"They are such a great band that we have looked up to for a long time now and to play with them was a dream come true. not only playing with them, but getting to hang out and see what kind of people they are was a great experience. they couldn't have been nicer. getting to hang out backstage and talk about drums with two of my favorite drummers around was a thrill for me. dudes that i have admired and ripped off time and time again." - Zach Lind, 2002

Juliana Hatfield
"I saw the Foo Fighters about a week ago. They were good. It was really weird seeing Nate and Will in another band but they were really good." - Juliana Hatfield, 1995

"Even though I don't buy the visuals or the name - I'm not a big fan of 'Foo Fighters' as a name of a band, I still don't get what that means, or what the band looks like - to me it's undeniable music. But it goes back to my childhood. It's a shame the visuals don't match the music. In this case the music is my kind of stuff, it's superb. And if I was in charge of Foo Fighters I'd get rid of that name, give 'em a bath, and make them look like rock stars. 'Cause that's a rock star band." - Gene Simmons, 2002

Kristin Hersh
If you could trade places with any other musician or creative artist in the world - for a little while anyway - who would you choose?
"Dave Grohl, the luckiest man alive." - Kristin Hersh, 1998

"Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters is another friend of ours. If anything, he's taught us that you can be this huge, successful artist and still be super real. He hangs out in bars, no problems. If anybody has a right to be that way, it would be somebody who was in Nirvana." - Allen Shellenberger, 2000

"New music? Nu Metal? They can't put a tune together to save their fucking life. Foo Fighters aren't bad though." - Lemmy, 2002

Danni Minogue
"I love the guitar sound (Everlong) it's really big. The production is excellent. Yeah, it's just summer music. This is really big." - Danni Minouge, 1997

Krist Novoselic
"Foo Fighters are my favourite band. They're all great musicians and I think Dave is amazing. If I were to write a book about Dave it'd be called 'There Goes My Hero'. The guys a natural talent and Foo Fighters are probably the best group in the world." - Krist Novoselic, 2003

"I love the Foo Fighters. The track that inspired Firestarter was a Foo Fighters track 'Weenie Beenie'. I'd love to do a track with him and I hear he's into working with me as well." - Liam Howlett, 1997

Slipknot / Stone Sour
"One of the greatest rock and roll songs I've ever heard - and I don't throw that around lightly. I have never in my life listened to a song as much as I have listened to 'Everlong.' Structually, the melody line goes though all these multilayered guitars, and it really works! Plus, there's a spirit - an energy - that sustains the song. The only thing wrong with it is it's not long enough. It should be...everlong." - Corey Taylor, 2003

Sum 41
"Foo Fighters are a great band. Love 'em. I started playing drums because of Dave Grohl. So thanks buddy." - Steve Jocz, 2002

"Anything Dave Grohl does is, to me, pure genius. I can't say anything else." - Cormac Battle, 2002

"We're listening to Foo Fighters 'For All The Cows' on the tour bus - This is Dave Grohl's new band, which is going to be so undeniable that people who don't like the record should be punished. It's super rock and really over the top, but completely melodic and will definitely take over the planet. Is he a Weezer fan? Yeah, that's how we met. He just came up and said he liked our band and gave us a tape of his new stuff." - Matt Sharp, 1995

Zakk Wylde
"If I ever run into Dave Grohl, I'm gonna kick his fuckin' ass, because I think he sucks, and he wrote this cheese-dick song for Ozzy that I have to fuckin' play on, and I'll never forgive him for that. Foo Fighters is a fuckin' candy-ass girl band, but you've got that motherfucker submitting songs, too. I mean, none of these guys could play a Randy Rhoads solo if they tried. Dave Grohl? Fuck Dave Grohl! Let him get up there and play Mr. Crowley; he can't fuckin' do it! and it's like, you're getting this guy to write songs for Ozzy? Just because he played drums for fucking Shitvana?" - Zakk Wylde, 2001

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