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Uncut’s ‘Wasting Light’ review

March 24th, 2011 6 comments

Uncut is the first of the UK’s monthly music magazines to review ‘Wasting Light’ and here’s what it has to say:

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I think Mr Robinson got his Them Crooked Vultures mixed up with his Eagles Of Death Metal.

NME Icons: Dave Grohl collectors magazine

January 27th, 2011 Comments off
This special magazine will tell the story of NME's 2011 Godlike Genius: a genuine rock and roll legend with a career spanning 25 years, that begins with the tale of a 10 million selling classic album, and takes in six UK Top Ten albums after that -  the last one going straight to Number One in 2007.  Not to mention headline shows at Wembley and every major festival in the world.

There are a ton of new and classic photos of all the artist's groups, some of the most candid, legendary and iconic interviews NME has ever published, plus new interviews about all the exciting things in store for 2011.

The magazine will be on shelves in February, ticket holders for the NME Big Gig will be able to pick up a free issue @ Wembley Arena and those overseas can buy it online.

Dave (and me) quiz John Paul Jones

February 25th, 2010 Comments off

John Paul Jones is in the hot seat for this month’s ‘An Audience With…’ in Uncut magazine  (A feature Dave himself took part in 3 years ago)  and one of the questions this time around comes from Dave:

One Butthole Surfers anecdote, please?
Dave Grohl

Ha!  I was brought in to produce the Butthol Surfers’ 1993 album, Independent Worm Saloon.  I uess it was to give it a heavy rock vibe, but it didn’t work like that.  They were actually incredibly hard-working in the studio, but I recall running up a phenomenal bar-bill at the Sun Rafael studio.  And then there was Gibby and his… eccentric studio behaviour.  Gibby did one vocal take shouting into his guitar.  He held it out in front of his face and screamed at it.  Ha!  He was trying to find out if it picked up through the pick-ups, which it kind of did.  And that was pretty good.

And amongst the other questions put to John Paul Jones was one from me:

If Them Crooked Vultures had Spice Girls-like nicknames what would they be?
Paul Jones, Liverpool
Dave would be Smiley Vulture.  He can’t stop grinning.  Josh would be Slinky Vulture.  He’s a slinky kinda guy.  And I’d be Speedy, I guess.  Or Jumpy.  So there you go.  Smiley, Slinky and Speedy.  Or does that sound more like the dwarfs?