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Foo Fighters shoot new promo video

December 17th, 2010 Comments off

On December 15th Kathy Griffin posted on twitter:

What a week! Doing a Foo Fighters vid 2day

Then later posted the following pic:

Now it turns out Kathy wasn’t the only ‘celebrity’ on the shoot – porn star Ron Jeremy is also in the video, along with some small people & the band dressed in drag.

It doesn’t appear to be a music video for a new Foo Fighters single though – somebody on set told me they believe it was a campaign to get people to direct their own videos and it’s expected to air on Fuse / YouTube in January.

Album rehersals = Twitter updates

August 17th, 2010 Comments off

As of yesterday (August 16th) Foo Fighters have started a few weeks of rehearsing and demoing in preperation for recording album number 7 in September.

You can follow  progress in the studio through the Foo Fighters & Dave’s twitter accounts (and although he hasn’t yet, maybe Chris will post an update ot two in the near future).

FooArchive is now also on twitter, follow us for news & notifications on site updates – it’s a little quiet at the moment but as we get closer to the release of FF7 I’m sure things’ll change.

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Dave hits Twitter as Foo Fighters begin pre-production

July 21st, 2010 Comments off

Yesterday (July 20th) Dave posted the following message on the Foo Fighters official Twitter account;

Dear Twitter, I take back everything I said before. I didn’t have a new album to promote. Love, Dave

Over the next couple of hours the tweet was followed with the posting of 10 photos from the studio.  (See the photostream HERE)

This coincides with Chris talking this week with Total Guitar about the upcoming recording schedule;

“We’re supposed to start really recording at the beginning of September.  We did about a week and a half of rehearsals already, we’re about to do another week or so starting tomorrow, then we have a couple more weeks of rehearsals and demos starting in August. Then in September we’ll start recording it for real.”

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