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NME cover feature – Points of Interest

November 5th, 2014 Comments off

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As a way to mark the band’s 20th anniversary Dave considered re-recording the debut album:

At one point I thought ‘You know what would be funny? To re-record the first Foo Fighters record as the band we are now’ – cos the first record isnt the Foo Fighters it’s just me. So what if, for the 20th anniversary, we went in and re-recorded – same songs, same arrangements, in sequence – but as Foo Fighters 2014? Taylor was like, ‘Are you out of your fucking mind?! That’s the worst idea ever! People would fucking hate it!’ And Pat said, ‘That’s exactly why we should do it!’

Dont expect the band to perform the first album live though:

“I think that’s a shitty idea! I dont get why people do that. We’ve already written that one off.”

More Them Crooked Vultures is always a possibility (not so much Probot):

“I would love to make another Vultures record. I think our biggest hurdle is just a logistic one, that the three of us are all pretty busy. Yeah, I mean, I’m trying to think of things that I would revisit.  I get asked to do another Probot record all the time, but I can’t do it.  Those were my favourite singers.”

Headlining Glastonbury 2015?

“I mean, it’s an iconic festival,” smiles Grohl. “Yeah, I just tell everyone if they need a band, we’re pretty good. they should give us a call. See what happens.”


You can preview/order/download the issue from later today here:

December ’14 Q feature – points of interest

October 24th, 2014 Comments off

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The newest issue of Q hits newstands on Tuesday & carries a 9 page feature on the band by Keith Cameron (who’s been interviewing Dave since the Nirvana days) with pics by Ross Halfin.

The bulk of interviews took place during the run of  Holy Shits gigs in London, so thanks to HBO embargoes the band found themselves unable to talk as freely about the series as they’d like, despite that it’s still a great read.  Here are the points I found of most interest:


  • Dave is planning on a 20th anniversary re-enactment of Foo Fighters first tour supporting Mike Watt.  Visiting the same venues and insisting the band will even use the same tiny van.
  • The Seattle Sonic Highways track ‘Subterranean’ is in Taylor’s words “Dark and sad, it’s about the end of something.” and contains the lines “I’ve been diggin’ in down inside/Nothing left within, I’ve been mined” and “You might think you know me but I know damn well you don’t.”
  • Chicago, Seattle, and Washington DC were chosen as venues for Sonic Highways due to the band’s personal history with the cities, while Nashville, Austin and New Orleans were chosen because the band have no connection to them.  LA was a no-brainer as the band all live there but Dave’s original plan changed and the pivotal figure in the episode is Pat Smear; “We walked around his old neighbourhood and he told me about going to see The Runaways… how he and Darby Crash met through a mutual speed dealer… chasing Freddie Mercury around the Sunset Marquis… his life is so extraordinary.”


You can download the issue or order a physical copy from Q’s website: and over the next few weeks Q will be uploading video interviews with the band at QThe


Zane Lowe asks Dave about Foo’s 8th album

January 28th, 2014 1 comment

During a busy week of Grammy events, and with Sound City about to get its UK TV debut, Dave got on the phone from LA to chat to Zane about the documentary, but as the phone call wound up Dave was asked how recording was going:

“How’s the Foos record going?”

“It’s Incredible.  I mean, we haven’t really disclosed exactly what we’re doing, and there’s rumours on the internet of what’s going on… Well, we’re doing something that nobody really knows about and we’ll announce pretty soon I think.  We’re making these songs in a way that I’m not sure anyone’s really done yet, and I know what it sounds like and I honestly think the entire concept is going to take people by surprise and it sounds nuts man.  Like, we recorded something the other day that’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before… it starts with a fuse and then it just explodes.  It’s awesome man.  It’s gonna be great.  I can’t wait.”

Points of Interest from Dave’s phone call to Jo Whiley

April 18th, 2011 Comments off

After standing her up the previous week when he’d promised to call the show, Dave spoke to Jo Whiley to coincide with ‘Wasting Light’ topping the UK album charts & here are the points of interest:

  • Dave was out for dinner last week with Paul McCartney but didn’t mention Foo Fighters Beatles tribute at the David Letterman taping.
  • Helen Mirren had men “falling at her feet” while taping SNL.
  • After playing the barn of a tobacco farm as part of the Blackberry Garage Tour, Foo Fighters found out they were going to be #1 while sitting in a Chick-Fil-A.
  • He doesn’t have a current favourite scary movie but said Amityville & Exorcist scarred him for life.
  • Jo made him promise the band will play on the show next time they’re in the country.

Points Of Interest – Bookie chats to Dave Grohl

February 26th, 2011 Comments off

Dave Bookman from Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge took a call from Dave recently & here are the points of interest:

  • On reuniting with ‘Nevermind’ producer Butch Vig: “He’s an exception in the music industry; he’s honest, he’s mellow, he’s grounded, he’s cool and he’s really good at what he does.”
  • On choosing analogue over more up-to-date methods of recording: “I didn’t wanna bang out something really quick that’d help us sell t-shirts in an arena.  I wanted to do something that had a little more depth to it than that.”
  • On calling this the band’s best album: “It’s hard for anyone to swallow that pill because we’ve made seven albums, been around 15 or 16 years.  But I tell you – if this album came out in 1997 this would be the record everyone calls the best record.”
  • The reasons for calling the record ‘Wasting Light': “We’re only here for a certain amount of time, we’re lucky to be here, we’re lucky to be alive, lucky to be a band.   I don’t take any of this for granted.  Even the smallest things, the simple things.  I feel like there’s so much to do, there’s so much to look forward to that I  don’t want to spend all my time looking backwards, I want to go forwards.”

The interview also covered the Foos ideology as a band, disco drumming, how working with Them Crooked Vultures inspired the new album & Dave’s experience of mixing with Alan Moulder.  Download the full phonecall HERE.

Points Of Interest – Zane Lowe chats to the band

February 23rd, 2011 Comments off

With Rope as his ‘Hottest Record In The World’ Zane Lowe caught up with the band for a brief chat and here’s what was discussed:

  • Rope is about 3 years old and was written at sounchecks during the ESP&G tour.
  • Dave’s Godlike Genius award from NME has made him the subject of much teasing from the band.

And that was about it – it really was a brief chat because a full and proper interview will be played out when the album is released.

Points Of Interest – Zane Lowe phones Dave

January 4th, 2011 Comments off

Zane Lowe took over Radio One’s breakfast show for a week, and as he looked ahead to some of 2011’s big record releases, he caught up with Dave on the phone.  After a quick back-and-forth trading double entendres based around ‘sprinkling nuts’ & ‘double dipping’ they talked business and these are the points of interest:

• The record is entirely finished.
• Butch Vig claims making this record was the most fun he’s had in his career.
• There are 11 “massive” songs on the record and not one “sleepy ballad”.
• The album still has no confirmed title.
• The artwork will all be handmade.
• The single has yet to be decided & an airdate is still to be confirmed.
• ‘Spring’ is as much of a release date for the album that Dave will reveal.

Points Of Interest – Dave’s interview with Steve Harris

October 31st, 2010 1 comment

The same evening Dave called into Zane Lowe to announce the Milton Keynes shows, he also chatted with Steve Harris at xfm.  Here are the points of interest;

  • Over the past 8 or 9 months the band wrote “about 30 or 40 songs” which they reduced down to “13 or 14″ for recording.
  • Dave estimates the recording will be finished “In about a month”.
  • Butch Vig makes the songs sound 50 times bigger.
  • The current recording process is like living in a commune; as the band try and record Dave’s children are running around bugging him to take them swimming.
  • ‘White Limo’ is the “nastiest” song the band have ever recorded & Dave is afraid of playing it at big festivals in case people start beating the hell out of each other.
  • Dave thinks ‘These Days’ might be the best song he’s ever written despite the fact he wrote it so quickly by himself, but once the band ran through it they realised it was a song they’d be playing every night for the rest of their lives.
  • Krist Novoselic plays bass & “Creepy accordian” on ‘I Should Have Known’.
  • Dave knows the exact release date for the album but his lips are sealed, saying “If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s keeping a secret”.  He did add it’s safe to say it’ll be out in the Spring.
  • The music is “re-energised” due to the fact the band missed being the Foo Fighters during their sabbatical.
  • “Don’t be suprised” the band pop up in sweaty little clubs as a warm-up.

Points Of Interest – Dave’s interview with Zane Lowe

October 25th, 2010 Comments off

Zane Lowe caught up with Dave on the telephone to primarily plug some UK dates next Summer but that wasn’t all that was covered. So here are the points of interest:

  • 2 nights at Milton Keyes Bowl on July 2nd & 3rd 2011. Support comes from Biffy Clyro, Jimmy Eat World & Death Cab For Cutie, Tame Impala & The Hot Rats.
  • The new album is “full on” thanks to Butch Vig keeping Dave to his promise it’d be the heaviest Foos album yet.
  • 7 songs have been recorded with a possible 7 more to go.
  • Ex Husker Du frontman Bob Mould sings with Dave on ‘Dear Rosemary’. (according to Kerrang! Bob will also DJ at both the Milton Keyes shows)
  • Krist Novoselic plays bass on a track.

Zane Lowe interview – Points Of Interest

September 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Along with premiering ‘Wheels’ on his Radio One show tonight (September 23rd) Zane Lowe caught up with Dave on the phone for a quick interview.  Here are the points of interest:

  • The tracklisting was finalized (with the help of Pat Smear) just a few days ago.
  • Foo Fighters are “taking it easy” & are putting off recording a new album until everybody is happy and ready to.
  • Them Crooked Vultures’ album still doesn’t have a title.