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Foo Fighters & NME

June 24th, 2015

The ‘NEXT WEEK’ page of NME’s last issue teased a Foo Fighters cover feature;

CHrlmqbWcAAkwRZ.jpg largeOf course, that was before the Glastonbury cancellation & so the cover of the NME that hit shelves today is a little different than originally planned:


But while the extensive Foo Fighters interview NME did a few weeks ago was Glastonbury-centric, they did cover a few other topics and so today’s issue does carry this piece:



NME took along a camera to the interview so while the planned cover feature & photoshoot won’t run, you can check out videos of the band talking Sonic Highways 2 , Dave’s teenage letter to FugaziWhat  to expect at the (later cancelled) Wembley shows and  Kanye’s headline slot at Glastonbury

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