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Total Guitar review Chris Shiflett’s Fender Telecaster Deluxe

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Points of Interest – Dave talks Sound City with Zane Lowe

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While Dave was in the UK this week he called into Radio One to chat all things Sound City with Zane Lowe.  Some of the more interesting aspects of the conversation:

The music for ‘You Can’t Fix This’ is 8 years old and is a track Foo Fighters scrapped for sounding too much like Fleetwood Mac.

While some sessions were really easy going,  recording ‘Mantra’ with Josh Homme & Trent Reznor was “Very, very thought out.” “I’d have an idea and show it to Trent and he’d ask me about six questions about the idea.”

The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club session was “The closest thing I’ve felt to writing a song with Krist and Kurt since I wrote a song with Krist and Kurt.”

The interview (and tracks from Sound City) play out over the last hour of Thursday’s show: listen here:

NME review Sound City

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From today’s issue of NME.  Click below to read: