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Sound City cassette scavanger hunt

March 20th, 2012 2 comments

So, next year’s Dave Grohl produced ‘Sound City’ documentary has started with a little bit of viral marketing.

As the South By Southwest festival took over Austin, Texas in March, Sound City’s twitter account (@soundcitymovie) started posting pics of a compilation cassette (and cassette players) dotted around the city. David Wogan was lucky enough to grab one of the first batch and he shared these pics:

The Roswell logo riffing on Maxell is a nice touch (especially as a recent photoshoot with the band paid homage to the famous 80’s Maxell commercial) and Dave wrote the tracklisting inlay, complete with abbreviated and/or squashed-up artist names which I remember well from making mixtapes.

The tapes were made in collaboration with California’s Burger Records and circulated at SxSW by the film’s production company, but you didn’t just have to be in Austin to get your hands on a copy – some lucky folk on the movie’s Facebook page managed to snag one too.

They’re a great piece of promotional memorabilia and I’d love to get hold of one. You hear me? I said I’D LOVE ONE.