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New song title round-up.

November 30th, 2010 2 comments

Compiled from Dave’s recent interviews here are some song titles recently recorded for Foo Fighters’ album #7.

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN (w/ bass & ‘creepy accordian’ from Krist Novoselic) “It’s probably the darkest song on the album”
A MATTER OF TIME   “One of the sweetest melodies I’ve ever written, but it has one of the heaviest riffs”
THESE DAYS (Dave thinks it may be the best song he’s ever written)
DEAR ROSEMARY (w/ vocals from Bob Mould ) “It sounds like Bob and I wrote a song for Husker Du 20 years ago and the Foo Fighters are covering it”
ARLANDRIA (called ‘Orlandria’ by Q magazine but more likely to be ‘Arlandria’ after the neighbourhood in Virginia) .

More ‘Lemmy The Movie’ info

November 29th, 2010 Comments off

I’ve plugged Dave’s involvement in ‘Lemmy – The Movie’ previously, but the film has just had a limited UK run confirmed.  Here’s a list of cities/cinemas;

7 Dec    Ritzy, Brixton        London              
7 Dec    Picturehouse          Stratford           
7 Dec    Duke of Yorks         Brighton            
7 Dec    Lighthouse            Poole               
7 Dec    Harbour Lights        Southampton         
7 Dec    Cinema City           Norwich             
7 Dec    Little Theatre        Bath                
7 Dec    Picturehouse          Exeter              
7 Dec    Picturehouse          Stratford Upon Avon 
7 Dec    Phoenix               Oxford              
7 Dec    Fact                  Liverpool           
7 Dec    Picturehouse          York                
7 Dec    Belmont               Aberdeen            
7 Dec    Cameo                 Edinburgh           
13 Dec   Gulbenkian            Canterbury          
17-24 Dec Watershed            Bristol             
24-31 Dec Showroom             Sheffield           
27-31 Dec Cornerhouse          Manchester          
14-21 Jan Chapter              Cardiff             

And as Lemmy turns 65 on Christmas Eve you can get your Lemmy Facebook app advent calender rght here:
Check out the brand new UK website for Lemmy the Movie where you can also see the new UK trailer from the movie:

I ask Lemmy about Dave Grohl (and get £25)

November 25th, 2010 Comments off

Lemmy is the latest musician to receive a grilling in Q magazine’s ‘Cash For Questions’ feature, where readers submit the questions & get £25 for their trouble.  (Dave himself took part in the feature back in 2003)

I put a question to Lemmy about Dave:

Foo Fighters signed Fender Telecaster for auction

November 24th, 2010 Comments off

A Joe Strummer signature Fender Telecaster guitar signed by  Foo Fighters will benefit the family of late Sub Pop executive Andy Kotowicz. In October, the indie label’s vice president of sales and director of marketing was in a fatal car accident. He was 37.

Bid on the item here.

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The Dave Grohl ‘New Album Interview’ Bingo

November 8th, 2010 3 comments

My years of transcribing, editing, reading & posting articles on this website has made me realise that when giving interviews Dave does tend to touch on the same subjects and references now & again.  I’m not suggesting he’s boring – or that it’s even his fault (It’s probably more to do with journalists asking variations of the same questions time and time again).
So as the new record nears completion & Dave gears up to face another round of journalists dictaphones, play New Album Interview Bingo & see how many you can cross off…

click to enlarge

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