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“We’ve already started the next record” – Dave talks to NME

November 15th, 2006 8 comments

“Well, we’ve got the live record, um, that was easy to make, so we’re already starting to work on the next record.  I’m sure the same happens with any musician.  If you talk to them at the end of a year-and-a-half of touring, they’re going to promise you that they’re taking a break and they swear that they’re never going to tour that hard again.
“You give me a week or two off and I immediately want to jump back on the road and make more albums, I don’t like not making music, I just can’t do it.  I need to do it every day – whether it’s in a hotel room by myself or in front of 20,000 people.  So we’ve already started working on the next record.  We’re recording in March.  So we’ll have another record next year.  I’m really fucking excited about it!  It’s going to be really fucking good.”

“This whole acoustic experience has had a big influence over the way I look at the next few years.  I don’t think our next album will be an acoustic record but the tour has opened my eyes to a lot of new elements.  every other Foo Fighters record we’ve made, I’ve tried to keep that pure rock’n’roll, conventional line-up in the studio.  I didn’t really think about branching out and experimenting.  But for the sake of the music, you shouldn’t put it in a cage, you should just let it be its own thing.  There are rock songs I’m writing now which I can imagine are much more than just the four of us playing.  Ultimately, my vision is to go out and do it all.  Rather than just have four guys walk out and play rock songs for the hour and 45 minutes, what if it were two and a half hours of both?  The acoustic tour and acoustic album opened so many doors and so many windows of opportunity that, really, the next record could be anything.  The next tour could make us even more musical and powerful than ever!
“The tour inspired us to make our first live record just because the shows were different to anything we’ve ever done.  We’re just coming up to our twelfth anniversary, which is totally insane to me.  It’s been 12 fucking years and I was always a little apprehensive about making a live rock record because the rock versions are similar to the versions on the album. To me the special thing about ‘Skin And Bones’ is that you’ve got songs that go back throughout the whole damn catalouge and they sound completely different to the versions already on the record.  So it’s almoust like an acoustic remix record, except it’s in front of an audience.”

“That week was honestly the most fun I’ve had in the band for years.  First we did Isle Of Wight, which was fun, then we did an acoustic show [in Ipswich] which was jarring.  I mean, we were so out of our element and after the gig I didn’t know whether it was good or bad because we’d never done that before.  the London acoustic show was great, but then going and doing the fucking club show at the Camden Underworld was special because we hadn’t done a show that small in a long time.  It renews your passion for just getting sweaty with 90 people.”

“The fucking Hyde Park gig was surreal.  Everything about it was great, from the line-up that we handpicked to the fucking barbecue we had backstage before the show – I was grilling steaks 25 minutes before we were meant to jump in front of 200,000 people, but that’s my idea of a good time!  It was great fun and it was an honour to do that show.  I sensed that we were all overwhelmed by this gig as it was so fucking massive.
The next night we played in Manchester and there were 50,000 people there and it seemed small – that’s how much Hyde Park knocked our perspective out of whack!  When I got out at the end of the runway to do ‘Everlong’ at the end of the show I had to keep myself from bursting in to tears, man.  I was really chocked up because I was in the middle of that audience just thinking ‘God, what have I done? How did this happen?’  It’s almost the same as having that profound revelation when you look at your child for the first time and think, ‘Oh my God, I made that baby!’  I’m ultimately so proud that we did Hyde Park.”

“I’m anxious – I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next.  We’ve always happily been the underdog. We’ve flown under the radar and never really had too much critical acclaim, we’ve just been that band that comes out and fucks up a party for a couple of hours and you dance and scream, have a good time and that’s our world.  So Hyde Park was strange for us.  where do you go after that?  Do two next time?  It was like a dream.  But it really makes you wonder, what next?  in order for us to keep this ball rolling we have to do bigger and better things every time we come out with an album.  Who knows what’ll be next.”

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Tenacious D & Dave – Kerrang! cover

November 13th, 2006 1 comment

This past weekend in LA, Dave Grohl & Tenacious D teamed up yet again, this time it was for a Kerrang! interview & photoshoot.  

The issue will be on shelves Wednesday November 22nd (and the article will be on this site shortly afterwards).

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Dave talks Cat Power

November 3rd, 2006 Comments off

Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) is Uncut magazine’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ and Dave contributed;

“I was in New Zealand.  My friend had a mix tape going in the van and ‘Cross Bones Style’ from the ‘Moon Pix’ album came on.  I turned it up and asked, ‘Who the fuck is this?’  I swear nothing else mattered at that moment.  Not the sun.  Not the sea.  Or the perfect summer day.  Her voice was chilling.  Her guitar was beautiful.  Her words were so pure.”

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