Foo Fighters on the cover of next week’s Kerrang!

The new Kerrang! magazine hit shelves today and it’s back page includes a plug for next week’s issue:

Hopefully, it should be a thorough feature as Kerrang’s editor James McMahon was at the Concrete and Gold playback;

… and Kerrang’s Production Editor went over to see the band at Chicago Metro.

FooArchive Points of Interest – Music Week interview

The latest issue of the music industry publication Music Week hit shelves today carrying a Foo Fighters cover story.

Here are some points of interest:

  • Looking back at Foo Fighters recording history, Dave has mixed feelings about Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.

    “We were using Pro Tools and did lengthy pre-production and really put everything under a microscope, more so than I think we ever had. In some cases, it killed songs. There were songs that never made it to the record because we spent too much time on it.”

  • The record features multiple guests but according to Dave that wasn’t the original plan:

    “We didn’t go into the album thinking there would be any collaborations, but in our studio it’s like a swarm of creativity.”

  • The guest vocals from Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman shaped the rest of the album:

    “It’s the biggest thing the Foo Fighters have ever recorded. Sonically, it’s so fucking big. It blew our mind. That was, I think, maybe the fourth song recorded. He left the room and I said, ‘The rest of the fucking record has to sound like this!’.”

Also, in the magazine you can read Greg Kurstin’s views on taking on the project, Foo Fighters UK touring team look back on 20 years of gigging and there’s a suggestion 2018 could bring innovative “experiential events”.

Music Week is in shops from today (July 18th) priced £5.50.