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Foo Fighter’s 8th LP rumour round-up

January 22nd, 2014 Comments off

On Monday Morning I tweeted the following piece from the latest issue of Billboard:

Unsubstansiated at the time but it’s certainly a grand enough idea to match up with what Dave was hinting at last year:

“I’ve a crazy idea of what I want to do with the next record and how we record it. It’s not conventional. It won’t be a conventional record.” – March, 2013

“Well, I’ll tell you, we have been in our studio writing and in the past few weeks we’ve written an album and we are going to make this album in a way that no-one’s ever done before and we’re pretty excited about it,” he admitted.
“It’s a little ways off – it’s not ready to happen right now but I think next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters without question.
“It’s going to be great, I can’t wait.” – August 2013

Since then weight has been given to the ’12 studios in 12 cities’ rumours after a flurry of FF activity in Chicago  – Nate caught a Diarrhea Planet/Yuck show, Taylor did some sightseeing, Dave rode the subway & the whole band got Pizza with Rick Nielsen.

But what about actual recording? Well, Butch Vig (Wasting Light’s producer) also happened to be in Chicago as was James Brown (Wasting Light’s engineer) who took this pic of Rami Jaffee photoboming him:

In what looks very much like Studio A of Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, (Bob Mould’s bassist also posted a pic to twitter in what looks like the studio) while Sound City’s producer Jim Rota has also on-hand with a camera crew (a post on Reddit said Dave was being filmed while on the CTA train).

So from Billboard’s “definites” list that’s Chicago covered, any hometown sessions in LA could have passed without word getting out, Robert Lang Studios in Seattle saw a visit from Dave last year – could that mean a session there?  Will the New York recording coincide with the band’s Superbowl gig on Feb 1st?  And could the suggestion that Nashville is another destination also be true?

Regardless.  It’s an exciting time for those of us desperate to hear new music – roll on LP#8.

Preview screening of Foo Fighters documentary ‘Back And Forth’

March 10th, 2011 Comments off

On February 22nd I attended a preview screening of ‘Back And Forth’ the Foo Fighters documentary (then called ‘These Days’) at the swanky BAFTA screening rooms in Central London.   The film shown wasn’t the final cut – indeed Franz Stahl tweeted on February 17th he was being interviewed for the film and he wasn’t in the version shown.

Disregardless of this cuts rough edges, it was a reflective, honest & funny film – Dave is a gifted storyteller and the rest of the band do a fine job matching him.

Like I said, the film I saw was still a few weeks from completion & so reviewing would be a little unfair, but if your visiting this website then chances are you won’t need too much convincing to go check it out.  So with that in mind (and without getting into too much detail) here are some things to look forward to;

The previously unseen content –  Home movie footage (including Chris’s first audition), outtakes from music videos, unused photo shoots – it’s all there.  Plus, from the opening credits photo montage  to the shots of early lyric sheets & old demo song charts it’ll be heavily paused once it appears on DVD.
The honesty from all involved –  When it comes to the ‘rocky’ periods in the bands history everybody is suprisingly frank and it’s nice that William Goldsmith (and Franz come the final cut) had chance to give their side of the story.
Some genuinely funny moments – Nate’s recollection of quitting the band, the goofing around offstage and pretty much every one of Pat Smear’s anecdotes gets a laugh, although at the screening the biggest laugh of the night went to Taylor’s well-timed yawn.

Hightened security around the screening meant we had to hand over our phones before entering (Something one invitee felt was a little too much so didn’t turn up).  Dave showed up at the post-film drinks to chat with the invited “important media contacts” (Obviously someone dropped the ball by letting me in) and Radio 1’s Natalie Jamieson grabbed a pic with him as did photographer Ross Halfin.  I on the other hand just took a pic of this giant Bafta award.

The documentary gets a theatrical release on April 5th where it’ll be shown with a live concert (more on that here), and (as previously mentioned) the film gets it’s world premier at the South by Southwest festival on March 15th.