Festivals 2006: Foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins

Anything special planned for your British shows?
Absolutely! You don't play Hyde Park or Old Trafford and just do a regular set, do you? We will pull the stops out, sure, but don't ask me how. It's a surprise.

Foo Fighters are one of the biggest draws in the UK this summer. Surprised?
Surprised? I'm amazed. It's incredible, insane. I keep telling Dave we should move to England, because there is so much fucking love here.

What's your best festival moment?
Headlining Reading back in 1992. Sorry, I mean 2002. That was the moment I first realised we were tuming into this big, big band.

And your worst?
Oh, I've had plenty of bad festival moments - rain, dirt, the lack of showers ... but I've erased them from my mind, pretty much. It's all good now.

Got any festival survival tips?
Wear good shoes and drink lots of water.

Dodgy burger van or bring your own sandwiches?
Oh, I eat whatever I'm offered. It's all part of the festival experience, bad food, isn't it? Eat everything, I say.

What's your fantasy festival line-up?
The Police, Genesis when Peter Gabriel was fronting them, The Beat, Elvis Costello and Queen, circa 1977, headlining.

Your ultimate festival song?
Of our set, it's All My Life. It's aggressive and primal. And the crowd go wild.

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