Taylor Hawkins saw Jane's Addiction at the Wiltern Theatre, LA in 1988.

"Oh, man, besides Nirvana they were one of the last special, magical bands. There was something about Jane's Addiction that was bigger than the four people in the band. I was from down south in Laguna, which is basically like being from Cornwall as opposed to London, if you know what I mean, and me and my friends hitched all the way up to LA to watch them. Jane's Addiction at the time were basically just freaks - nobody had dreadlocks, nobody had nose rings, back in '87. Perry Farrell was just a provocative and insane lead singer. He was just fucking crazy and they were this amazing band. They were like this heavy metal band from the valleys who got really into Siouxsie And The Banshees. You had your little faggy-goth vibe and your muscular heavy metal vibe, combined with the energy of punk bands like Black Flag. That was my best gig ever definitely."

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