Taylor Hawkins lays into Limp Bizkit!

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has hit out at the current music scene with a special mention to Limp Bizkit.
  "Maybe I would have liked them when I was 14, but I like to think not. There's room for everything and somebody likes it, so that's great. But do I like white guys jumping around rapping? No, I don't. A lot of bands have got tons of energy, but they've got no songs. Or they're just boring like the Goo Goo Dolls or whatever! I mean what happened? Every band just looks like a fucking boy band now. It's fucking boring."
Muse who recently toured with Foos, come in for constructive criticism.
  "Muse are nice guys, but what are they so fucking serious about? Nothing! Queen were pretentious but it was always tounge-in-cheek. Radiohead get away with what they do because there is real anger and paranoia in that music."
Taylor said the Foos, currently nearing the end of their UK tour, are "one of the best live bands in the world right now". He contined:
  "We have a lot of energy, we don't play to backing tracks and we have a lot of good songs."
He also admitted that he has started behaving himself on the road!
  "I fell in love this year. It's great - my search is over! And I don't drink as much as used to because it kills my stomach, from years of doing speed. All I do now is a bit of marijuana here and there - and a lot of vitamin C."

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