Taylor Hawkins' Ozzfest Preview

Taylor Hawkins

Ozzfest -looking forward to it?
"Fuck, yeah! We're not as metal as the other bands and people will probably throw shit at us - but you know what, we're not gonna get off the stage and we're still gonna rock 'n' roll! We like metal! In a world of alternative rock and all that bullshit, I'd much rather see Slayer. We're up for the challenge."

Which of the other bands on the bill will you watch?
"Obviously, Black Sabbath. Can I ask you a question? Is Bill Ward playing drums? Oh, man. Vinnie Appice? Oh, that's kind of fucking bad-ass! The dude who played 'Holy Diver'. Awesome! That's gonna fucking rock! The other band I'm looking out for is Slayer, for sure."

Favourite Black Sabbath song?
"'Fairies Wear Boots' I like the jazzy parts on this. The lyrics are amazing. I have no fucking clue what Ozzy is singing, but then I don't know if he has either! Apparently they were smoking tons of hash when they did this, and it shows. In a good way."

What was the first festival you paid to see?
"You know, we didn't have a lot of festivals in the States. The first big band I saw would have been Queen in 1982 at Irvine Meadows in California. Amazing. They're my all-time favourite band."

What is your best festival moment?
"When I was playing with Alanis Morissette in Europe and I first met Dave and the Foo Fighters. I had so much respect for him as a drummer, and we just had a lot of fun hanging out. Had I not been there, I wouldn't have been in the Foo Fighters now."

And your worst festival moment?
"You know what, I don't think I've had one."

Your Ozzfest set. Discuss...
"It's gonna be the hardest set I've ever played. It's gonna be all of our hard shit; we're not going to do any of our mellow stuff. Look for 'Weenie Beanie', 'I'll Stick Around', 'Monkeywrench', 'This Is A Call'. I might ask for something like 'Big Me' just to give me a break. We'll even play little bits of Sabbath songs between our own."

Which one item will definitely be on your Ozzfest rider?
"Vodka. Not too picky about which brand, but probably Stoli"

Who will be most welcome in your Ozzfest dressing room?
"Ozzy. Come on! I know Dave's fucking dying to meet him. Dave just loves Sabbath. Every night when we do 'Weenie Beanie' Dave goes, 'This is dedicated to the coolest guy in the world - Ozzy Osbourne!'."

And who will be least welcome?
"Oh man, I can't say that shit! Sorry, what a crappy answer."

Black Sabbath: what do they mean to you?
"They're the pioneers. If they hadn't existed, we wouldn't be here. They created evil rock!"

Festival toilets: what do they mean to you?
"Usually they're pretty fucking gross. Those Portaloo deals, man there's more puke in those things than there is shit. They are so gross. Can you imagine being pushed over in one of those things?"

Your Ozzfest message to Kerrang! readers is...
"Don't throw anything at us. Please. Money's okay, but not the kind that jingles."

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