Taylor talks pre-Slane castle gig

Who where your main influences to pick up the drums?
Chad, was my main influence, then there were other guys like Stewart Copeland from The Police. I used to listen to them a lot he was great - really original.

When did you start playin the drums?
It was when I was ten, I'm thirty one now so I'm playin 21 years. My neighbour had a kit so I would just go round all the time and I got hooked. I think we all know how that is.

Whats it like being in a band with another great drummer, does he get critical of your drums?
No not at all, hes really good about it he would just give me pointers and tell me what direction to approach the drums. He's really great about.

Have you any advice for young drummers?
Just keep playin, play in loads of bands, keep practicing and you'll get there.

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