Foo Fighters sticksman Taylor Hawkins tends the grill while fiddling with new "esoteric" album..

Where are you right now?
In my kitchen.
The same kitchen everybody saw on Cribs?
Yeah. Every so often I'll be at Sav-On, and some little knucklehead recognizes me.
When's the new Foo Fighters album out?
Probably mid-August. We're talking a couple weeks off, and we're going to record more tracks. Dave Grohl is concerned with writing the perfect pop song, but we've realized we're an album band. We're heading more toward out esoteric side.
Are you playing shows this summer?
We're doing the Reading Frestival, and I'm putting the light rig together. Besides coming up with weird drum fills, that's my creative outlet. I grew up a Queen fanatic, and they had the best light show.
What's the ultimate summer tune?
Jane's Addiction's 'Three Days'. It reminds me of my old girlfriend, smoking pot and surfing.
What must you have for a great barbecue?
I don't drink anymore, and barbecues are just an excuse to get hammered with your friends. I like to grill tuna. You get a slab of raw tuna, marinate it in Very Very Teriyaki for a half an hour, throw a lemon in, throw it on the grill for about two minutes and you've got some god damned good eatin'
You're at a party, and somebody puts on the Beach Boys' 'Kokomo'. What do you do?
Say "Turn this crap off", and put on Dennis Wilson's 'Pacific Ocean Blue'.

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