Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing left To Lose

"I wrote 'Stacked Actors' about everything that is fake and everything that is plastic and glamorous and unreal, so if that pertains to anyone that comes to mind then there you go."

"It's about having nothing better to do than trying to be other people, it really grossed me out. Actors, just in general make me fucking sick."

"Living in Hollywood always seemed transitional to me. Truth be told, I fucking hated Hollywood, hated the whole life, hated most of the people we met. That's what I'm saying in 'Stacked Actors'."

"When we were recording 'Breakout' the band had to tell me to tone down, because the neighbours were giving dirty looks and threatening to complain that someone was getting murdered. So I nailed it one more time. My throat was gone after that, man."

"'Breakout' started off almost as a joke, just a play on the word and taking the piss out of your typical tortured romance love story. It's supposed to seem kinda ridiculous because I can't imagine anyone wanting to break off a relationship just because they have acne, y'know?

"It's about the search for some sort of inspiration, the search for signs of life that will make you feel alive. It's actually one of my least favourite songs on the record."

"'Gimme Stitches' is sort of a song about a relationship that's dysfunctional, and two people who can't get enough of hurting each other and making each other crazy."

"That song is everything I like about our band. It kinda has that melancholy, pop-punk, Buzzcocks kinda thing to it. But it also has some weird classic rock in it.

"'Aurora' is definitely one of my favourite songs that we've ever come up with. Lyrically, it's just kind of a big question mark, but the words sound good and it's a nostagic look back at Seattle and the life I once had. That song actually questions the meaning of life, probably. It's probably the heaviest thing I've ever written."

"We were already finished recording and had a couple days off before mixing, and I came up with this riff. I just thought "Fuck it! Lets record this." I guess that's just an example of my love for the 'riff'."

"'Live-In Skin' was actually recorded while we were mixing because I came up with it in between the time we had finished recording and mixing. I thought, 'Wow, this is kind of a cool tune,' and I started writing about the place that the band is in now."

"'Next Year' is a piece of shit! That song is so stupid! It's weird."

"This song is a tribute to the Rolling Stones 'Tattoo You'."

"That's what happens when you listen to too much mellow 70's gold Fleetwood Mac type stuff while recording."

"'Ain't it the' life sounds like an Eagles song or something, and I hate The Eagles."

"It's about living the quiet, peaceful Virginia life."

"'M.I.A.' is a good example of me, and how so often I'll just say "You know what? I'm outta here and I'll be back whenever, and please don't call."

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