Foo Fighters - One By One

"It's one of the most aggressive songs we've ever written - it's kinda dark and dissonant but really in your face. It begins with a vocal and a guitar then it explodes and gets even bigger and just keeps on going and going. It's fucking great."

"That song is a little dirty. Use your imagination!"

"It's another really aggressive song. It sounds like a machine roaring - it's pretty amazing. The lyrics are kinda sultry - it's about two people getting together because they realise they have more fun fucking each other than anyone else - it's kinda deep. Some of it reminds me of older Soundgarden and some of it reminds me of weird Black Flag. It's unlike anything we've ever done."

"This is basically just a song with a cool uptempo groove and the chorus blows up into these really big and sweeping three part harmonies and the end is the most fucking rock thing we could possibly figure out. The end starts exploding until it's so fucking chaotic and then it just stops on a dime."

"This is sort of a mid-tempo number with a really weird chording that's kinda reminiscent of Mission Of Burma or Television or kind of a jangly post-punk New York new wave theme guitar line. I think actually that this is the best song I've ever written - it's very emotive and passionate and universal."

"This is a really sparse one guitar and one vocal song - but then in the chorus (Queen's) Brian May over-dubbed these four-part guitar harmony swells - it's fucking insane. He's the only guest appearance on the record but you wouldn't even have to put his fucking name on the album because someone would hear that song and be like 'oh my god - that sounds like Queen'. It sounds like a string section - but he did it with a guitar and it's fucking amazing."

"Ahh - this is one of the more romantic tunes - but with a tuned-down guitar riff that's really behind the beat it's also probably another of the heaviest songs we've ever recorded although the song itself is basically a love song."

"It kinda has a mid-tempo beat to it with muted chunky chords but the vocal melody is really strange. It's kinda our second really weird Sergeant Peppers heavy metal kinda song - really bizarre but really hooky and then it gets huge at the end and I'm screaming my fucking balls off."

"The groove reminds me of Tom Petty, the middle section reminds me of Cheap Trick, the chorus kinda reminds me of Guided By Voices with the is melodic kinda walking-down-the-street rhythm. It's a great driving song. It also reminds me Of 'My Poor Brain' from our second record - but it's fucking way beyond that."

"Halo, I'm pretty proud of. It's like NoMeansNo meets The Police or something like that."

"This is our one up-tempo punk pop song on the record - the rest of them aren't like that. But it is the one song you'd hear and say 'oh yeah dude - that's the Foo Fighters'. The other songs you might be kinda quizzed to guess who the fuck you're listening too right off the top of your head. This our signature fucking retarded sound or whatever!"

"Another one of my favourites - it's kinda spaced-out. The chorus kinda reminds me of the Smithereens and is very hooky but the verses are trippy as hell."

"This is actually eight minutes long and was actually two songs put together. The verses are really heavy with a tribal beat and fuzzy guitars and then there's a middle instrumental section that begins with acoustics that build up to electrics and then the percussion sets in and it turns into an explosion. At eight minutes it's our epic opus."

"'Come Back' is where I'm revealing all these dark, shitty sides of myself ... laying out all my faults. Like, this is how I can be an asshole, these are the things I do to hurt people or here are the things that I do that I wish that I didn't."

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