Dave Grohl

Green Machine

Word, June 2007

Since his suprising reinvention as a platinum-boosting singer-guitarist, Dave Grohl and his boys have become festival fixtures, offering up enormo-rock anthems for Nirvana fans who were always secretly happier listening to U2. They're back again this summer, headlining V. And since no global awareness planet-saving shindig would be complete without a successful drummer turned successful frontman, he'll also be taking the stage at Al Gore's Live Earth ecothon, though we suspect no helicopters will be used in the making of Foo Fighters appearance.

Isn't Live Earth a ludicrous conceit?
I grew up in Virginia where we had beautiful seasons, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. Here in LA you don't get that, you get heat and in the last six years I've lived here every Summer has gotten hotter than the one before. My priority is to look out for my Daughter's future, not to mention the wellbeing of the human race.

So how do you deal with the Foo's emissions?
We release our albums through an organisation called Future Forests, they calculate how much energy it takes to produce a CD and we plant trees to offset it. You do as much as you can to offset the energy you use in flying over. That can mean walking more, cycling more, turning offlights you're not using. There's a lot you can do.

What song do you always play?
Beautiful night, big stage, I love it when I hear 50,000 people singing back a song like Best Of You. When you feel that connected with that many people, that's a beautiful thing, like watching Queen at Live Aid, an incredibly powerful feeling.

What song will you never play?
None. Do we ever get asked for Teen Spirit? No, no one ever yells for Nirvana songs.

Best gig you've played and seen?
The first time Foo Fighters played at Reading was a very emotional experience for me, but the best gig I've ever seen was the first time I saw Bad Brains, probably '84/'85 in Washington DC, and I remember it as complete eye-opener: "Oh my God, music is this powerful?"

Worst gig you've played?
Probably a Nirvana gig. There was a time we went down to South America and we weren't used to playing to 100,000 people, but we were doing this Hollywood Rock Festival. Our thing was to take the piss out of something so huge, so rock and roll, so we went out and made noise for an hour, played Rio by Duran Duran.

And the worst you've seen?
This amazing influential band at an outdoor venue and I took my Sister and I wanted to sing along. but they just wouldn't enter the spirit of it. I'm not telling you who, because the show sucked.

Five things we should expect to see on stage with the Foos.
Chris, Taylor, Nate and me, and without a doubt there'll be a nice cold drink in a plastic cup behind me.

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