Dave talks Kurt

Uncut Legends; #2 Kurt Cobain

"Kurt was very cool. He had a wonderful balance of raw, dangerous anger, but also he was this delicate, fun person, y'know? He could be kind of scary and out of control onstage, but then after the show he'd be the most shy, introverted person you've ever met. He was brilliant, but he played dumb. And you know, Kurt was funny as shit. A lot of people don't realise that he was so hilarious. That guy's sense of humour wasn't from here. He was just very, very funny.
  "It's funny that a person can become an image though.It's changed the way I look at musicians that passed before Kurt. The singer of Joy Division, Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham - you have to consider these people as human beings, and they had bad habits and were very real.
  "I listen to the music now and think we were a pretty cool band. But fuck, do I think that it's worth the'legendary' status that people seem to believe in? No. It's just a band. It's funny how things play out that way. It's always the ones who die young that people remember for some reason.And I've come to the conclusion that the reason why a lot of musicians' early demises hold such interest is because it leaves people With so many questions. You're just left with some sort of question mark - and it lasts forever."