UK Tour Preview

NME 2002

"I can't believe this British tour, it's our first headlining arena tour - it only took us eight fucking years! But they just all fucking sold out! I was amazed, I was completely stunned."
Does a bigger venue mean we can expect a new Foo Fighters live experience?
Yeah, it's got to be better, Me and Taylor have a pretty great production idea. I grew up watching bands in clubs that held 110 people and Taylor grew up watching Queen, so we'll have a little bit of both worlds."
Onstage explosions?
"No, we can't go there! Give us another eight years and we'll get some pyro."
A guest spot from Brian May?
No. He comes to the gigs though."
What do fans think about the move to Wembley?
"I'm starting to realise there is some kind of backlash against moving up to bigger venues, our core fans that have come to see us play at Brixton once a year for the past eight years are kind of bummed that we're moving up to Wembley."
Do you look forward to playing London?
"I was so pleased to see such a welcoming, fucking warm reception when we came over in August because it's going to be our second home. I had a blast, man."
"I used to hate London. I just couldn't get into it. But only last year did I start to realise that London is my favourite city outside of the States. There's something about the women in London that has changed too. I don't know what you guys have been importing or what's your trip, but it's a whole new scene. The first time I came to London it was just all fish and chips, but now it's Nobu [high-end sushi restaurant] and the Metropolitan hotel!"
How was touring with Queens Of The Stone Age?
"Playing with those guys just made me love playing music again! I'm learning to survive on three-and-a-half hours' sleep, too."
What was it like headlining Reading & Leeds?
"It was probably the greatest achievement of my life. It was pretty emotional. I walked offstage and my family was crying. I remember being there in 1991 and it really being my first proper festival experience."
Any other festival experiences?
"Taylor wound up in the fucking hospital after v2001, but I got to hang out in London for three weeks."
"I remember our first Foo Fighters gig in Britian was a surprise show at Kings College in London and it was unreal. We were scared, we were just little baby does in the headlights. So that versus Reading and the tour this year - there's just a world of difference."