How Dave Grohl Switches Off From Making Music

X-Ray 2002

Making Music
"I might see a flick or go swimming but I completely surround myself with music every day. Right now, it's my three weeks off before I go out on tour for a year. So what do I do?

Talk About My Career
"I think it all just comes down to really wanting to do it. If I was selling cellular phones, I'm sure I'd have a nice two weeks off in Catalina, but I'm proud of our music so it's worth spending time with it every day."

Hang Out With Queens Of The Stone Age
"I don't really go out any more - every once in a while I'll come down to a bar and hang out with a bunch of friends, but when Queens aren't in town there really aren't many people to hang out with. They're playing tomorrow. It's the first time in a long time I'll be able to watch the band. It's more fun playing with them, but thay have a new drummer now. You don't want to mess with that relationship. Drummers are touchy. They're the butt of every joke."
You've done your bit for drummers' rights, though.
"I've had a few rallies and parades, yeah. Drummers support groups, trying to empower a nation of drummers dying to be frontmen."

"I draw, but nothing serious. I was more involved with the art programme at my high school than anything else. It's nice to sit down with a blank page and let yourself spill onto it. It's nothing I'd want anyone to see. It's not Guggenheim material."