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Star Site-ing

Teen People

How he rock singer uses the web......

C'mon, I've got e-mails to read! What do you use the Web for?
"Recently I used the Web to check where I'm playing."

Because you're a rock star?
"Because I'm dumb, actually. I'm just stupid."

What's your favorite fan site?
"Our Web site came from a fan site. The guys who are doing our site had a thing called the Foo Fighters Internet Archive that turned into our site [foofighters.com]. They had tons of live downloadable music and photos--it was insane. I thought, 'Oh, my God! It's the best Web site I've ever seen'."

What's the most memorable e-mail you ever got?
"My dad and I swap e-mails that are pretty classic. He's a writer, so he sends me family anecdotes. They're beautiful."