Rolling Stone's Star Pick

Rolling Stone

The T-Mobile Sidekick
"The Sidekick is basically the all-inclusive geek tech toy. You can use it as a phone, to get on the Web, to instant-message people, to send e-mail, as an organizer, and you can fucking play this Asteroids game on it. I know people who can't use it at home because it pisses off the wife. Yeah, it's addictive."

World's Most Dangerous Police Videos
"On tour we're into the basics - 'Office Space', 'Lord of the Rings'. We don't fuck around with any of that indie bullshit, we go straight to the hits. One of the great things about being on the road is going to truck stops and buying total ghetto DVDs like 'Worlds Most Dangerous Police Videos'. You expect it to be, like, Fox-network quality, and it's just crap-ass fucking bullshit from the local news for, like, twenty-six dollars.