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Kerrang!, Feb 2013

How did you round up the army of stars for this project?
In the movie we talk about collaboration, feel and composition, and we demonstrate those musical ideas at the end with a performance. By watching a performance, it speaks volumes. When I was originally planning to make a short film for YouTube. I got a list of big albums that were recorded at Sound City - it's long! - and emailed everyone I could, including Stevie Nicks. Corey Taylor and Rick Springfield, and asked if I could interview them for the movie. Forty people said yes! That's when I had the idea for the documentary, with people coming back and making a new record using Sound City's Neve recording console.

How did you write the songs when everyone's schedule is so busy?
I called everyone and said we had one day to write a song. Everyone wanted to make it work, so I tried to expidite that by sending people demos and asked them to bring ideas too, so we didnt get stuck in a song for a week. I want kids to watch Sound City and see musicians jamming and coming up with a song. That's how a song is written.

Are you pleased with the reaction to the Sound City movie?
The response to the movie has been awesome, but I've had to introduce it every time we've shown it, which is the weirdest thing in the world. Now I feel inclined to make a speech every time I see a movie. It was a group of people who got together to tell a story that did justice to the place that changed my life. I hope you appreciate this story as much is I do.

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