Sound Guy

Empire, Mar 2013

Fighter of Foo. Director of film. The music legend talks Sound City

Sound City is the famous LA studio where Nirvana started off. Besides that, how much did you know about the place before this?
I knew Charles Manson had recorded there, Eviel Knievel had recorded there - Kurt Cobain stole one of his 24 track tapes for a Nirvana recording - and Neil Young.

How did the documentary take off?
I said, 'Let's make a short film web documentary about the history of this recording console,' and it grew! I'd never made a movie before, but I felt the same way on the first Foo Fighters record.

What were your influences as a director?
To be honest, there are few music documentaries that are really close to my heart. But I don't think I'd ever seen a movie about the studio and the human element of music.

The music is great - naturally. And you also get to jam with Paul McCartney and Nirvana's Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic...
Can you fucking imagine, dude?

How did that happen?
Everyone said, "Did Paul record at Sound City?" I don't care! To reunite Krist and Pat for the first time since Kurt died. and with Paul singing, on the board that made us famous? It was only the most full circle moment of my entire fucking life.

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