Six of the best

Kerrang! 2001

Best Friend:
"That has to be Taylor Hawkins. We must have been seperated at birth. We've kind of become the same person, which is pretty scary. We finish each other's sentances. It makes things easy, especially when we're writing songs."

Best Advice:
"Yeah, 'Don't count your chickens before they hatch'. That was given to me by a friend. I followed the advice. I'm as optimistic as I can be, but I'm also a realist and a boderline pessimist."

Best Ass:
"I'm gonna have to say Melissa Auf Der Maur's. That's quite an ass, it deserves a gold medal."

Personal Best:
"The Grammy for Best Rock Album Of The Year, the first I've won with the Foo Fighters. I was very proud because we made the album for free in my basement. Everyone else is spending $300,000 on an album."

Best Night Out:
"Probably the night of the Pantera and Slayer show, where I cracked my rib. I was blasted. With Slayer, you can't go wrong. they're still the best metal band in the world. It's undeniable. Pantera were great. I sat at the foot of Vinne's drum riser and did shots with him between songs. I got sunburn when the pyro blew!"

Best Buy:
"I bought my sister a new house in Hollywood. It's where I am right now, next to the pool, standing under a lemon tree."