"I'm Going To Get Some Shit For This"

Dave photographed by Scarlet Page '99

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The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl on learning to fly and the enduring genius of the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr and......Daisy Chainsaw

You've already explained that 'Learn To Fly' wasn't the comeback single you would have chosen yourself...
"No, I wasn't sure it should be a single. On the last record it was simple - the first one was rocking, the second one melodic, the third one a ballad. This is a more diverse album - every song has it's own direction."

What's the song about? Does it have a connection with the flying saucers that gave the band its name?
"It's not about UFOs. I've been learning to fly for the last two years, but I still haven't got my licence. The song's about looking for the feeling that makes you feel alive."

Ever been approached to provide music for a commercial?
"I was asked to be a spokesperson for a cologne, and offered an incredible amount of money. I politely declined. I can just imagine my ugly face next to all these chic models. Yuck."

Have you ever had a nickname?
"My parents were going to call me Hans, so at school everybody called me Hans Grohlo. These days everyone calls me Disco."

We're drawing to the end of the '90s now and you clearly played in one of the decades key bands. Who are you're own heroes of the '90s?
"Well, Charles Francis. The Pixies were so influential on Nirvana. And what a voice! Also, J Macis. With Dinosaur Jr he shaped the way music sounded in the early '90s. And a lot of people don't know that he's an amazing drummer. He's the Prince of our generation. Who else? Bob Mould for Hüsker Dü and Sugar and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. Also Gaz Coombes - I love 'In It For The Money' more than I can say. Also - and I'm going to get shit for this - but I like Daisy Chainsaw, I thought their 'Eleventeen' album was wonderful!"