The Secret Life Of Dave Grohl

Metal Hammer! 1997

"I recorded a movie score for this film that's coming out called 'Touch'. I started on it about six days after coming home from the Phoenix Festival last year. I did all of the original score, so it was quite a job. The movie people didn't want to have a soundtrack that was just 10 or 15 bands that all have records in the charts, they wanted to have someone actually score the movie and write incidental music for suspense and chase scenes. They called me up and asked if I wanted to do it, and I said, 'Well, sure, but you realise I haven't done this before, I could really fuck it up!'
There's three songs in the movie that have vocals on them, one that I sing that sounds a bit like the Foo Fighters, then there's another one that John Doe from the LA punk band X sings and there's another one that Louise Post from Veruca Salt sings on, but the rest of the music was weird. Whatever worked for the scene, I used. It took about two weeks to do in all and I've just seen the movie for the first time! It's hard for me to be objective - whenever I watch it, I just listen to the music and think that I fucked it up really bad!"