I Love Screaming Trees


"During my first few months of living with Kurt [Cobain], we went up to Seattle to visit Mark Lanegan and his friend Dylan Carson [of drone-core band Earth], who shared a house. We went out drinking that night and we got back about 3am, and they put me on this pull-out couch in the living room, where I passed out. I remember waking up, and there was Mark, sitting in a chair at the end of the bed. I looked up at him. and he said, 'Who the fuck are you?'. I said, 'I'm Dave, Kurts new drummer'. We sat there talking for a while, and that was the genesis of our relationship (laughs).
"I remember listening to his solo album, 'The Winding Sheet', over and over again, when I was living in Olympia. It was winter, when the sun wouldn't come up until 8am, and would go down by 2 or 3pm - it was like a rainy Scandinavia, it was fucking depressing. And that album was the perfect soundtrack for that season.
"Mark is one of the most gifted and tortured artists you'll ever hear. I have nothing but respect for that guy. I remember Nirvana playing Roskilde festival in Denmark with the Screaming Trees in 1992. In the middle of their set Lanegan freaked out, picked up a monitor and threw it into the pit and beat up three or four security guards. We had to hide him in the dressing room, You don't wanna mess with that dude. Give him a microphone, let him sing, then get the fuck out of his way."