"I Feel At Home Here"


Dave's intro to NME's Reading review

How was it for you?
It was great this year, but it seems like it's getting bigger. They're getting louder, though, they're singing along louder to the new songs, but goddamn, the audience was huge."

You're practically a resident here...
"It's ridiculous.. I've been here too many times! This might have to be the last time we play Reading!"

You don't mean that.
"Well, shit! The only person that was here before me was Bruce Dickinson - but he was here in Samson in 1961 or something."

From the stage you were giving Reading a lot of love. What's so special about it?
"Reading to me seems like the quintessential rock festival. Not necessarily like a Donington or like a Glastonbury, but to me it just seems like the cool festival, the one where you can have everyone from Iggy Pop to Sonic Youth to Prodigy."

What's it like standing onstage headlining Carling Weekend: Reading Festival?
"It's insane. I don't really get nervous for this gig. I've been nervous before for other festivals, but coming to Reading is like playing your home town. Which is ridiculous 'cos it's fucking 6,000 miles away from where I'm from! But there's something about it - it seems like being at Reading is just meant to be. I don't get nervous because I feel like I'm completely at home."

How does headlining with the Foos compare with playing here with Nirvana?
"Well, Nirvana only played here twice and Foo Fighters have played here five times... But I tell you, getting up and playing drums tonight, and singing backups for our song 'Cold Day In The Sun' did give me the beautiful sense of deja vu, in that I haven't been in that position for 13 or 14 years."

Your next UK appearance will be with Oasis at the end of year. Last week you covered 'Lyla' and then made a disparaging comment about the lyrics. Are you still looking forward to that show?
"I'm sure Noel's fine! I love the Oasis guys - they're hilarious. Whenever I bump into them they're either showing me pictures of their kids or they're talking about music in general. I don't expect those guys to like my band..."