Random Question Generator


Dave Can you make a cake?
"No. Well, I could I suppose as long as there's a recipe. I'm big on preparation. If I look at the recipe and put all the ingredients in their proper proportions then I'm sure I can do it. Would it be edible? Yeah"

What was the last album you bought?
"I bought the Gnarls Barkley record and what else? I think that was it. Hey, have you heard about the death metal band with a parrot as the lead singer? This is true! They're called Hate Beak"

When was the last time you got in a fight?
"A long time ago! 10, 15 years. Some German idiot trying to steal T-shirts out of the Scream stand. I fucking took him down! i mean, he was drunk and I was angry so I only hit him two or three times and he was down. I'm not much of a fighter. I genuinely feel bad and I'd have to have good reason to want to hurt somebody. I've seen red a few times and come close to getting into a fight, but that feeling of wanting to knock someone unconscious is weird to me."

Where's the best place you've been this year?
"Home. I didn't spend a lot of time at home last year and it's been nice. I've been home since February and I like my house. I have a beautiful home and a great family. I like spending time at home, although I do get a little itchy, wanting to go out and play."

What's you favourite ice-cream?
"I'm big on peanut butter chocolate. No, actually I'm gonna take that back and go for Cherry Garcia, which is Ben and Jerry's. A scoop of that with rum and raisin."

Who's your favourite writer?
"It sounds nerdy but I went through a big Michael Crichton phase. I love it because the line between reality and science fiction is so blurred and the guy's a fucking genius. My Mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said books. She's an English teacher so she basically gave me homework."

Did you ever play 'Dungeons and Dragons'?
"No, never. i thought it was weird. Any fucking pair of dice that has 30 sides to it - I don't get it. Ask Jack Black about 'Dungeons and Dragons', that's not my scene at all."

What do you drive?
"I have a BMW M5 but I'm selling it. And I have two motorcycles: a Harley Deuce, that I've sort of tricked out, and a Harley Road King Classic, which is like a Cadillac Deluxe. I love that motorcycle. I ride it every day."

What's the longest trip you ever did on it?
"Well, this one's new, but I think the longest trip I ever took on a bike was from North Carolina to Detroit which took about a week. It's fucking far. It's a good eight hours a day. And it was all good until I got to Detroit and the fucking highways in that city are shit. You'd think for a place called Motor City they'd clean up some of those fucking potholes."