Top 100 Frontmen: #35 Dave Grohl



He is: The rejoinder to all those drummer jokes and a man whose unaffected rock geek charm has turned Foo Fighters from post-Nirvana distraction to must-see stadium act. Still available for percussion work - all sensible offers considered.
Did you know: In 2003 Grohl described his average fan as, "Zits. Braces. And money for T-shirts."

What makes a great frontman?
"I've always gravitated towards music and musicians that are real. I have a problem with people being something that they're not."

What did you learn from Kurt Cobain?
"Kurt had a powerful emotional presence, which meant he didn't have to take one step in any direction - the intention of what he was doing onstage was enough to blow an arena full of people away."

What's more important: the look, the attitude or the voice?
"The look is a lie. The attitude should go without saying. So, for me, it's the voice."

Drummer or frontman - what's easier?
"Drums. It's meditative and very simple as long as you don't think about it. But I love standing in front of a microphone and turning people on for two and a half hours."

Who is your greatest frontman?
"Freddie Mercury. He had the ability to turn a stadium into a living room. That's badass, that's like John Wayne shit right there."

Marigold - Grohl steps out from Nirvana's drumkit.
This Is A Call - Classic debut Foos single. Ringo who?
Monkey Wrench - Stadium rock? He'll have it.
Skin And Bones - At his most stripped-down and heartfelt.
All My Life - Nice Guy Dave gives way to angsty Grohl.