"We Love Festivals"

Q 2000

Dave Grohl has some 'rubber Johnny' related advice

How do festivals differ from regular gigs?
"We don't tend to draw 40,000 people to our normal gigs. Nor do we play at 3 in the afternoon and get mud thrown at us. But we love festivals. They're a fucking riot."

Do you have any personal favourite festival memories?
"Nirvana headlining Reading in 1992 in the face of extreme adversity. Before the gig, everyone was saying "Will they make it? Are they in rehab? Are they dead?" It was the year we'd gone from eating corn dogs to selling ten million. We were wracked with nerves because we hadn't played for months and could have played real sloppy-ass, but we pulled it off. We proved we weren't useless peices of shit."

Do you have any surprises planned for this summer? When Q saw you play in LA in January, a bikini-clad girl jumped out of a cake.
"Man, my stupid band arranged that for my birthday! No, we wont be doing that again. In fact I dived into the crowd to get away from the girl!"

Did you eat the cake afterwards?
"No, it was fake. As were parts of the girl."

Finally, any advice on how to survive festivals?
"Take condoms with you, with a lubricant that's not Vaseline-based so they don't rip. Oh, and take mommy's phone card so you can call her to airlift you out if things get rough."

Anything else?
"Yes - always remove your nipple rings before entering the moshpit."