Backstage at Olympic Park

Kerrang!, June 2018

How does it feel to be doing two nights here?
"Amazing! We played Manchester the other night, which was like that final battle in The Lord Of The Rings - it was fucking insane! Nowadays when we do shows, there's a curfew, so we don't get to play for as long as we could play- we play until they tell us to fucking stop! We just try to give it to the crowd as hard as we can, and then break it down, and then build it back up again."

Does doing the double in London feel special for you?
"Well, this country is the first place that we ever headlined an arena, headlined a festival, and headlined a stadium. This is the place that we really cut our teeth; we learned to do it here, so we owe this place a lot!"

How do you prepare for a show as long as the ones Foos play?
"One of the things I'm proud of about this band is that we have the advantage of being sloppy! I think when you go and see a band where it could fall apart at any moment, or it could become a magical experience, and it's all sort of resting on that, that's exciting. That's what the live experience should be about, I think. I sometimes think that I can see it people's faces When we're playing, that they're kind of amazed by how shitty we can be!"

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