The Soundtrack of My Life


"I'm embarrassed when people ask me about my interests outside of music. Because I have none."

Dave Grohl The Record That Made Me Want To Make Music
THE BEATLES - 1962-1966 & 1967-1970
"The two Beatles Greatest Hits of their early years and their later years - the red one and the blue one. Those were a big part of my life when I was young because those albums basically taught me how to play music. My mother bought me a guitar, those two records and a Beatles songbook and that was it. Everything I know about music came from that. It was huge."

The Record That Made Me A Drummer
RUSH - 2112
"I think I was in third grade, maybe nine years old, and I have a cousin who lived in Chicago. His name is Trip, and Trip gave me '2112'. I went up to his bedroom - I think he was smoking weed, I could smell incense - and I saw this record cover and I listened to this album. It was really the first time I ever heard a drummer in the forefront of the band. Neil Peart was such an innovative, legendary drumming god that I took it home and it just made me fall in love. When you see his drum set it just looks like a fucking spaceship. I'm sure that was probably the record."

The Record That Got Me Through Kurt's Death
"For a while after Kurt died I couldn't even listen to music. I hated turning on the radio for fear that I'd hear a Nirvana song or any sort of sad music. Anything melancholy just made me so depressed. I would listen to shit like Ace Of Base. I got really into that! I was listening to some really ridiculous shit. But I had a record called 'A National Healthcare' by a band called The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black that I particularly remember. They were this sort of New York performance art band and were great. I remember Frank Black's 'Teenager Of The Year' came out that year around that time, that was a really great record. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion record 'Orange' came out around the same time, that was another great record. That was a funny time with me musically because I just didn't really want to hear any music. Then I realised, 'Oh wait, it's music that's going to heal me. What am I doing? I should be listening to music. I should be making music that will make me feel better'. And it did."