'I Can't Wait To See Oasis in Cardiff'


"I love Oasis. There's no way that you can't love them because they make such excellent fucking music. There are really very few bands that make it that difficult to hate them just by being so fucking good. I know in interviews they come over like touchy bastards or whatever but you can sit down with them in a bar and have a couple of drinks and you will have the night of your life.
  "I get on with anybody, but those guys are great. The last time I saw Noel he was in Covent Garden and he just tapped me on the shoulder and was like 'Alright mate?'. He was happy because he'd just got out of an interview. Their music is fucking good and their songs are fucking contagious.
  "Just before the Cardiff date we're playing with them in Perth, Australia and if I'm correct they're the ones that are supporting us! But that's Down Under where the water goes down the plughole the wrong way, so whatever."